Blow drying tips from Cindy Crawford’s stylist

Cindyand GeorgeClick on top title to open and scroll  Recently when Cindy Crawford acted as the guest host for Oprah’s Winfrey’s Life Class, George Gonzalez, a local celebrity hairstylist and the owner of George the Salon styled her hair. It was the second time George has styled Cindy’s hair when she visited the windy city. “I made sure to round brush starting at the bottom to build weight,” explained Gonzalez describing his technique. “Then, I finished the blowout by styling the sections at the top to minimize volume. The result is soft and natural.”  George generously shared his expert advice.

George the Salon’s Blowout Tips:    ( R- Cindy Crawford and George Gonzalez)

Hot tools are often the number one culprit for frizz, especially if a heat protectant is never used while styling.

For a blowout, women often put the dryer directly against the hair because they think that’s the way to get it straight. This is why there is damage and frizz, especially when paired with a metal brush.

The worst thing we can do is use old blow dryers or not clean out their air vents. Due to lint or hair buildup, air cannot flow through, therefore the pressure goes down and too much heat is used to style.If one part of your hair does not look good, spray it with water and redo it. Never keep going over it dry. This will make it worse. Not re-wetting hair could be the reason most women have bad hair days – they try too hard and then over-dry their hair.A dusting of dry shampoo at your roots will really kick start the staying power of your blowout.

To further preserve your style, sweep tresses up and use large bobby pins to create loosely sculpted pin curls before you go to bed. Four to six large sections will do the trick. When you release and shake it out in the morning, you will feel as if you just left your stylist’s chair.