I enjoy stories like Princess’s. They are fun to write because they are inspiring. People do accomplish their dreams, and anyone can make something wonderful happen for herself and others. It’s a matter of being open to the opportunity. 

Many years ago, a friend of mine who aspired to be a writer talked me into going to a mystery writer’s convention with her. She did not tell me it was a glorified fan convention, or that she was using the trip to try to write an article and didn’t want to go alone. She was sneaky and manipulative about the whole thing. But, I decided to let her behavior slide and have fun anyway. I rationalized that she was embarrassed about her aspirations. And a trip is a trip – and I do love a good whodunit.
Well darlings, long story short, she dumped me for an hour or two to pursue her interviews. During that time, I met some rather famous writers. We all hit it off. We made plans to meet again at the cocktail party and then later at the bar. Yes, she was invited and she liked these writers too. It was a fun, informative evening. There were great women. She sulked all weekend long.
Years later, I am a writer and as far as know she is not.  I believe she sealed her own creative fate by indulging her bad attitude. She missed an opportunity to meet many creative, generous people that weekend. I still think it is very sad. There was no shortage of goodwill or inspiration in the room.
Princess’s project, The Southern Television and Film Summit, will give talented people a chance to meet those who can help and inspire them. That is exciting. Darlings, be open to opportunity; it’s too precious to miss. Life is short, but can be sweet!
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Gracey Hitchcock
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