A beauty secret from the east

When I first wrote about cosmetic acupuncture in Canada’s National Post, Fang Wang was besieged by phone calls. Women know a good thing when they see it. Now Fang has brought a new beauty secret back from China, Bio-Gold Pearl Cream.  She sent me some to try. It is fabulous.

The cream is full of hyaluronic acid, a proven super-hydrator. That may explain why it keeps my skin moist, but not greasy for hours. It also contains ginseng, a powerful anti-oxidant used in traditional Chinese medicine for all aspects of anti-aging. The core element of the cream is pearl powder. It is full of amino acids and minerals to help firm and plump the skin.
The luxe gel-like formula also contains flecks of real gold. Research shows that gold is an anti-oxidant that can help circulation and also increase the effectiveness of other ingredients.
You can use it alone or add it to your current regime. It costs $50.
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