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12graceysmallDarlings, these days you need to be a savvy consumer.  Shopping online lets you compare many products and vendors you could never find or have time to look at in real time. It is a fabulous way to get the best value for your money. But be wary of toolbars that promise to get you the “best deal.” Over the holidays I tested several of these deal-hunting tool bars recommended by shopping experts on the The Today Show. None of them did as well as I did with a simple 10-minute search. Granted, Google Shop and the like now makes it harder to get unbiased search results, but with a little persistence you can find a good deal by searching  for what you want, reading the fine print, and comparing prices. 

Also, read reviews with a skeptical eye.  I love reviews from other consumers; they are invaluable for the details vendors never tell you, but read them carefully. Make sure you are reading a review from a real shopper or traveler, not a “paid reviewer” Check out how long the person has been reviewing. See if they have posted personal photos or shared interesting details or personal anecdotes. It soon becomes easy to spot the real deal. Also, people who take the time to review a place or service are happy to respond if you send a question. This can be worthwhile if you are looking a big ticket item such as a trip or appliance.  

Checking out reviews carefully can make your local experiences better too. Helpful members of YELP have guided me to some of my favourite service people and restaurants.  

Until next week darlings, make life sweet by always taking time to check it out for yourself!

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