A modern romance in Regency England

DolceianeverseaClick top title to open the item  Between the Devil and Ian Eversea, by Julie Anne Long, reads just like a modern romantic comedy.  Long has managed to combine the characters and flair of a traditional Regency romance with the pacing and sizzling chemistry that readers today love. Between the Devil and Ian Eversea is part of Long’s popular Pennyroyal Green series.

As the story opens orphaned American heiress Tatiana “Tansy” Danforth has arrived in Sussex to live with her guardian, the Duke of Falconbridge, and his pretty young wife, Genevieve. While Tansy looks like an angel she can flirt, shoot, and ride like a devil. Soon she has every man in area in a dither, except for the one she wants – the dashing war hero Ian Eversea.

Confirmed rake Ian Eversea is a master of seduction and sees right through Tansy’s mischief. He has spent years keeping out of the clutches of marriage-minded women while seducing available ladies.

Knowing Ian’s proclivities, Falconbridge has warned Ian to keep away from Tansy. But from the moment they meet Ian and Tansy are drawn to each other. They are both guarding vulnerabilities.

When Tansy takes her flirting too far they find out just how well-matched they as engage in a dangerous and sensual game.

This is book that will delight fans of modern Regency romances.