Big fat lies

Heidi Klum ( Creative Commons Image)Hot celebrity moms put a lot of pressure these days on new mothers by raising an unrealistic expectation to lose baby weight and to spring back into shape after giving birth.
Many people blame Heidi Klum, in particular. She strutted down a Victoria’s Secret runway only five weeks after giving birth to her fifth child. Adriana Lima was also singled out after her Victoria’s Secret appearance just two months after giving birth.
Most ordinary women are intimidated by such feats of fitness. Heidi Klum admitted that to return to the runway so quickly she underwent a grueling régime. Her trainer David Kirsch put her through strenuous workouts twice a day. This is hardly a schedule most new mothers can afford, never mind the cost of flying in a live-in celebrity trainer.
Unlike some stars, Heidi Klum admitted her stunning transformation took a lot of effort. She even complained about working out and dieting. She didn’t tell “big fat lies” about getting skinny.
Adriana Lima detailed the effort it took to get back onto the runway in posts she put on Twitter and Facebook. Perhaps she was hoping to head-off the recent scorn directed at the new super-svelte celebrity moms.
Now that relative “peace” has been made between working moms and stay-at-home moms, a new battle may be looming between super-fit “yummy mummies” and moms who choose not to, or unable to, spring back into runway shape after childbirth.
Even non-mothers who are trying to shape up can get fed up with stars who claim that staying slim is a “piece of cake.”
I’m not sure the “supermodel standards” are the problem. Rather, the big fat lies some stars tell about how effortless it is sets women up for unrealistic expectations and disappointment.
And it is not just stars that are the problem. Many non-famous women like to perpetuate the myth of being “effortlessly” fit and slim. It’s a weird and annoying type of superiority.
Fitness and losing weight is a hard slog. It can be fun and rewarding, once you get into it, but it can be tough for most women. Getting into shape is easier with good teachers or a workout buddy. Young mothers may not have child care, so will they need to find places that offer it. When and if they go back to work, they may need to hustle out for classes or long walks at lunch because they have will have to rush home to the baby after work. It can be done. I have seen motivated young mothers work out and then pump breast milk and scoot back to work at my own club.
What women need know is that getting into shape takes time, guts, and grit. It can be fun and will make you look and Adrina Lima, Image by David Shankbornfeel better. The endorphins from vigorous, regular workouts can help chase away mild a case of baby blues or PMS. For more serious depression, call your doctor. It’s more fun and easier with friends and in a supportive atmosphere.
So don’t be discouraged by these big fat lies:
I have a fast metabolism; I can eat whatever I want
Some people are blessed with a fast metabolism, but watch them, darlings. They are usually always on the move. Even if they don’t work out, they fidget and twitch off calories. Good for them. Also observe their eating habits. They may not think about what they eat, but often they don't eat much. They pick and nibble. It’s a good trick to emulate. Read Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl books to find out how this is done.
I never diet
Bethenny Frankel explained to me how tasting as opposed to eating keeps her Some women have learned to eat “clean” or “lean” the hard way. To stay lean they cut out extra calories and junk food. It is second nature. But who are they kidding? That is “watching what they eat. Few adult women don’t have to cut back on calories or work out extra hard to make up for a calorie splurge. The others are telling “big fat lies.”
On the other hand, learning to view your own mini-portions as a lifestyle instead of depravation or dieting will keep you skinny.
Mini-portions are how many women who struggle with weight finally learned to stay slim. Dolly Parton and movie icon Rita Hayworth are two of the most famous mini-portion eaters. Rita Hayworth reportedly sent back any plate that had more than quarter portions on it.
I never exercise
This is a tricky lie. Exercise alone won’t make you skinny, but it will make you look better and help you burn calories. A daily workout burns calories and improves your mood, but weight loss is at least 80 percent diet. If you want to look sexy, vivacious, and youthful you need a healthy diet and daily vigorous exercise. Experts say that you continue to burn calories for up to 14 hours after a vigorous workout. So when you exercise really go for the burn – the calorie burn.
Lying about the effort it takes to look fabulous is not new. It’s not all bad either. There is such a thing as too much information. Darlings, no one wants to be out to dinner with “health-nut” who lectures everyone about the dangers of their delicious dessert. And there is nothing less sexy than a woman who moans about her hips during dinner. A certain amount of discretion about one’s personal dietary habits, personal insecurity, and fitness goals is good sense and good manners.
But pretending that having a knockout body after 25 and children is a “piece of cake” is just a “big fat lie.”
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