Stop sabotaging your looks

Tasy tomatoes can help to keep your skin firm for years!If you skip breakfast and deprive your body of the right foods and enough sleep and exercise, you are beauty saboteur.
The most expensive vitamins and supplements can’t give you the same beauty benefits as fresh food. In fact, many doctors now question the effectiveness and safety of many supplements. Instead, they are encouraging their patients to eat better.
Fresh fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients and fiber along with vitamins. You need them along with fresh lean protein and a small amount of healthy fat to look and feel your best.
Exercise and sleep are also crucial to maintaining health, weight, and your looks.
Sleep-deprived people eat more and lack the energy to exercise. Studies have even shown a connection between sleep deprivation, a rise in stress hormones, and obesity.
So darlings, if you want to look beautiful, get some sleep. Be honest; even though we are all busy, much of what keeps people up at night is not work but lack of organization and mindless social networking. Turn off the gadgets and get some sleep. Your body will thank you.
If you toss and turn, try an hour of vigorous exercise at lunch or right after work. It works better than pills. If you are serious about beauty, take a class or join a gym to trim and tone your body with yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or a barre class. Watch your shape change and your skin glow!
Tea and coffee in the morning are fine, if you enjoy them. They are both full of antioxidants, and the caffeine will give your metabolism a boost. But, do not use caffeine as a substitute for sleep. It will not work. Soon you will be jittery, pasty, and puffy looking.
Green tea also contains powerful antioxidants. Studies have shown that green tea has many health benefits. I like to use my cold leftover green and white tea as a rinse for my face. Just splash it on for an extra beauty boost!
Antioxidants help reverse oxidative damage to our bodies that age our vital organs. Damage — or aging — occurs as we use oxygen. Stress, sun exposure, smoking, and other environmental factors accelerate aging. Antioxidants help to slow the aging process and repair the damage.
Omega 3 oils are essential for brain and heart health. But did you know that
Omega 3 oils can help you keep your skin soft and moist, as well as help prevent dry eyes. Omega 3 fat can also help to nourish your brain as you age.
All fatty fish, such salmon, cod, black, tuna, herring, and tilapia, are good sources of Omega 3. So are eggs are too, walnuts, almonds, and flaxseed, if you dislike fish. Experts say we need at least three servings of Omega-rich foods a week, but beauty seekers eat it daily in a great variety.
If you feel stressed at work, try a beauty-making snack of 10 walnuts or almonds, and a half-cup of anti-oxidant rich berries. Vary your selection of fruits and nuts to get the most from your diet.
Stop sabotaging your beauty with what you eat. Fresh fruit and vegetables are delicious. Experiment to find the ones you like and enjoy them. Bring a great salad to work topped with a hard-boiled egg or tasty tuna. Avoid high calorie ingredients such as full-fat cheese, dried fruit, and other calorie-bombs. Make your lunch the night before, so you aren’t rushed in the morning. Keep a spritzer bottle or two of low-cal dressing at the office. Savour your healthful lunch and splurge your end-of-the-month savings on a great new pair of shoes!