The ultimate hair straightener

 When I heard that Rowenta, the iron people, were making hair styling tools I was excited.  Dressmakers swear by Rowenta irons. I wouldn’t be without mine. It makes the tedious job of ironing almost painless. So, it only makes sense that Rowenta would have the know-how to make fabulous heat-styling tools. I was not disappointed.
I recently tried The Straight Express Iron from Rowenta. Its unique design features a comb with 16 integrated teeth that heat up. The comb pulls the hair straight and plates press it straight with just one pass of the iron.
The iron also has ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline boosted plates to protect hair, and a built-in ionic generator that delivers millions of pure negative ions. The result is very straight, shiny hair with less damage.
This is a very high quality hair straightener. It is perfect for anyone with hard to straighten hair as it will make the job much faster and easier.
It costs $179 and is available online and at Ulta stores.