Bejeweled rules

Ben Amum Portifino Tassel NecklaceBold statement “jewels’ can help define your look. A fabulous necklace or bold bracelet can elevate a simple dress or clean white jeans to a wow look that everyone will remember. But jewelry, even fine costume or ethic jewelry, is an investment. With proper care it will last you for many years.
Jewelry expert and founder of Accessory Artists Marcy Roth and beautyexpert/LA Times beauty contributor and former InStyle beauty editor Alexandra Drosu know how to protect your jewelry from damaging cosmetics, as well as how to show off those special items to best advantage.
Here are their tips:
Midnight Cascade necklace,·        For smooth skin, start by using an exfoliator. Treat the skin on your décolletage the same as your face, it’s just as sensitive. Avoid body scrubs and opt for a facial exfoliant.
·        Moisturize exfoliated skin with a light lotion. Creams formulated for the face is best for the décolletage. Remember to apply the moisturizer at least an hour before donning jewelry. “The oils from the cream can damage fashion jewelry or stain silk and leather,” says Roth.
·        A consistent palette sets off color in your jewels. Correct redness or spots on your décolletage with a spot concealer instead of foundation to minimize rub-off on your jewelry. Dab a matte concealer, such as Ron King Cosmetics Concealer or MAC Studio Fix Fluid; blend with a sponge to even out skin tone.
Gold Droplet Necklace ·        Oil is your jewelry’s arch enemy so keep your décolleté shine-free. Brush a translucent setting powder like Cover FX by day — the natural mineral powder won’t clog pores. By night, opt for a version with a hint of sparkle such as Guerlain Météorites Powder.
·        Now that your décolletage is primed you are ready for the perfect necklace. With this perfect canvas set it with a shorter necklace 16” to 18” length. If you love the new mixed metal trend, try the Rocker Braided Necklace at $179. If you want something more Rocker Braided Necklace delicate, try the Gold Droplet Necklace at $160. Or, if you’re looking for that stunning semi-precious stone necklace, try the Midnight Cascade necklace, at $1,055. Looking for something bolder and more gold, try a large link necklace.