Mystery and romance in the tropics

The Bungalow  by Sarah Jio is a beguiling and romantic mystery that spans from World War Two to the present day. 

Twenty-one-year-old Anne Callaway and her best friend have just finished university. Anne is slated to marry and take her place as wealthy young matron, while her best friend Kitty has a penchant for unsuitable lovers.
In a fit of patriotism and in order to have one last great adventure before settling into married life, the girls decide to join the army as nurses. Anne and Kitty soon find themselves on the sultry tropical island of Bora Bora. Suddenly, in the heat of the tropics, emotions and passions come to slow boil.
As the realities of war’s hardships become real for the girls. As they tend wounded pilots, they grow up and apart.
Anne finds solace in the arms of the mysterious lover she meets at an abandoned beach bungalow. Together they unravel the bungalow’s secret as they are forced to deal with a violent assault on the small island.
As the winds of war blow, friendships are tried, and old and new loves are tested.
Bungalow is an intriguing tale of love, loyalty, betrayal, and passion. I couldn’t put it down.