Get juiced!

Fresh juice is popular. You can buy it at juice shops, the grocery store, or even have it delivered. You can get plain juice or even juice that you chew. Or you can make it yourself, as I did recently, using the Ronco Smart Juicer.
I was a little wary of juicing. The last time I tried it was with a friend who was a crazy about it. Her “top of the line" machine took 10 minutes to assemble and then another 20 minutes to clean.  I found the whole process tedious.  And for all that trouble, she didn’t even end up with much juice.
But the Ronco machine looked easy to use and clean. Plus, I could make the juice the way I wanted and when I wanted, without having to drive anywhere. In Atlanta, the simplest errands can involve a car trip.
I decided to make a juice of fresh beets, carrots, apples, ginger and mint. I like a lot of ginger, which can clog inferior juicers, but the Ronco handled it. The machine was a snap to use. The juice and pulp were separated, which I like. Juice lovers can add it back it in. I prefer no pulp at all.
When I was done the machine was a snap to clean. It pulled apart in seconds. I was able to rinse it clean. The grinding mechanism cleaned up in minutes with the little brush that came in the box.
According to Ronco the slow juicing technology produces 43 percent more Vitamin C, and 61 percent more Vitamin A.
The manufacturer says it also extracts 35 percent more juice than other machines. I was happy with amount of juice from the vegetables I used.
Beet, Carrot, Apple, Ginger, Mint Juice:
2 medium peeled beets
1 washed and unpeeled apple quartered
4 inches of peeled ginger root
½ cup washed and peeled baby carrots
1 handful of washed mint leaves