Gifts for a yogi

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You’d think that something called

The Original Bed of Nails couldn’t be

relaxing and rejuvenating – and you would be wrong.

The pretty pink mat has thousands of little plastic spikes imbedded in small plastic disks that trigger more than 8,000 acupuncture points in the body to release healing energy. 

The Bed of Nails is a Swedish reinvention of an ancient Indian device.

According to the company it has become a wellness phenomenon in Sweden and Europe. It is a great gift for anyone into yoga and wellness. I found lying on the mat very relaxing. It also soothed tender muscles. 

Shiva Rea is superstar among yoga teachers. Her earthy, sensual style of yoga has wide appeal. She is a huge DolceDolce favourite. We love her DVDs and think they make great gifts for anyone who works out at home.SR

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