How to choose a nude

CEMokaClick on top title to open and scroll   The classic nude look is elegant and sexy, but all nudes are not equal. Pick the wrong nude and you will look washed out and pasty.

If you want to try this chic summer trend be sure to follow these tips:


Nude nail and lip colours are sheer so they show up every little imperfection.


Exfoliate your lips with a clean wash cloth or lip scrub to make smooth and fresh,


Use a balm to moisturize.


Nude polish can magnify flaws, so take care to file nails, trim cuticles, and remove smears.


Avoid matte and frosted nudes. Naturally shiny or shimmery nudes look best.


If you have fair-ivory skin, go for a nude with pink undertones.


If you have fair-porcelain skin, use a nude with peach undertones.


If you have a medium skin tone you can wear true rich nudes with or without a hint of bronze for the summer.


Olive skin often has golden undertones that look good with bronze or coppery nudes. When buying a neutral nude for olive skin, be sure the shade has no grey or lavender undertones.


Dark skin glows in rich brown shades. Be sure the colour is not more than two shades darker than your lips and skin. Also, make sure it has no grey undertone. Match your lip and nail shade to your skin’s undertones.


If you are not sure of your skin’s undertone list the colours look best on you. If you look best in blues and greens your skin has cool undertones and you should look for plums and burgundy tones. If reds and oranges light you up then your skin has warm undertones and you should look for orange-reds, peach, and coral.


Nude lip shades to try:

Lipstick Queen Pinky Nude (Pink Nude)

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Style (Sheer Neutral for medium skin tones)

Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush (Warm Nude)

Paula’s Choice Sheer Cream Lipstick in the Nude (Rich Nude)


Nude nail shades to try:

OPI Samoan Sand (Sheer Pinky Beige)

Butter London Crumpet (Carmel)

Dolce&Gabbana Nail Lacquer (Light Peachy Nude)

Crabtree & Evelyn Mocha nail lacquer (Warm Mocha with a Platinum Shimmer suits all skin tones)


Catch a wave

Use Curlipop irons to create different types of curls and texturesHair trends come and go, but there is nothing sexier than shiny, smooth hair blown out and curled into sexy waves.   Bed Head Curlipops curling irons are a line of three very light curling irons with unique barrel shapes that let you create fun texture, loose curls, and waves, without an ugly line from the metal clamp. The tourmaline ceramic barrels and clamp-free styling with high heat make styling easy. All the irons come with a heat-resistant glove. They also come in fun colours.

Red she said

Red lips are one of the hottest summer trends as well as one of the quickest ways to spice up your look. Hollywood celebrities love the look. They know red lipstick is sexy. The newest ones are deep wine red or bright clear claret, like Mary Kay’s Crème Lipstick in Midnight Red or Boysenberry. Both shades are from the 11 new shades offered for summer. Mary Kay’s Crème Lipstick contains Vitamin C and E to protect against wrinkle-causing free-radical damage. There is a subtle vanilla flavour too.

If you don’t want to miss out on the trend but find lipstick too heavy, go for a gloss. Mary Kay Liquid Lip Color has the coverage lipstick in a glossy format. This “in-between” product has a soft semi-matte finish and moisturizing shea butter. Raspberry Ice and Sherbet can give you a rosy mouth with a light look.