Beauty treatments from room service

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Packing for a trip these days can be tricky with security regulations and baggage fees. Some airlines are now even charging for carry-ons. Packing your lotions and potions can be a chore, as many of these items don’t come in travel sizes and it tedious to squeeze them into little containers. So here are a few ways to use the little packets of items you can find on room and coffee service trays and in cafes, to replace a few jars and bottles in your luggage.

Sugar: Little packets of white or brown sugar can be found everywhere. You will find them with the free coffee service in most hotel rooms, on the room service tray, and at coffee shops. Use them with your cleanser for a face scrub or with soap or body wash to smooth the rest of you.

Salt: Use table salt mixed with a little body wash or shampoo to scrub your feet. If you have blisters skip the salt and stick to sugar. Sugar has healing properties and doesn’t sting like salt.

Milk: If you manage to get a sunburn or itchy bug bite a cold milk compress will help. Apply cool milk several times and then rinse with cool water and pat dry. Serious burns or allergic reactions need medical attention.

Honey: One of those little honey packets you find in with the jam at the coffee shop or on the room service tray makes a great masque for dry skin. Apply it to a clean face for 10 minutes. It is best to do this before washing your hair as honey tends get everywhere, but it leaves skin silky soft.

Soap: Soap can help a sticky zipper glide more smoothly. Close the zipper and rub it with soap on the wrong side to protect the fabric. Try to work a little soap in to the zipper’s teeth.