Try the newest beauty products before they are in shops

12labIf you are always dying to have the newest lotion, potion, or lip gloss as soon as you see it in a magazine then From the Lab is for you! Now the “got-to-have-it-first girls” can get their hot little hands on the latest offerings from top cosmetic labs before they are even in they are even in the shops. 

For the monthly subscription price of $29.95, From the Lab delivers one, two, or three full-sized samples of cutting-edge beauty products that the company promises “will be made with ingredients up to 18-months before they hit shelves.” For a limited time From the Lab is offering “charter memberships” for $19.95. 

I recently tried From the Lab’s January selection. It came packaged in a pink box with tissues. There were two official-looking little pump bottles. Beauty Elixir No. 602 claims to be loaded with “superior actives, including the ingredient never before used in the United States: Nicotiana Sylvestris Stem Cell Peptide. Beauty Elixir No. 602 is supposed to improve skin tone as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent environmental damage.

In the box from the same company was Eye Serum No. 603. It contains caffeine to help reduce puffiness. 

From the Lab says that the Face Primer No. 327 and Eye Primer No. 328 that was in their June offering recently launched at iRogue Bunny Rogue, a European boutique, for a combined price of $80. Granted, the sizes you receive are just large samples, not full-sized products, but if you join at the charter price that works out to $10 or less to try several new products a month.  

Is it worth it? That depends on you. If you love to try new skin care products you will probably love From the Lab and find it cheaper than buying full sizes. And there is the attraction of trying new ingredients, colours, and trends ahead of the crowd. But if you are very set on certain products this may not be a good fit.