Look and feel fabulous this year!

Darlings, forget complicated regimes. If you want to look and feel fabulous begin with the basics.
Wash your face
Buy a fancy cleansing brush if you like. I have an endless supply of white washcloths that I used once and throw in the washer. They are great for exfoliation. Cleansing gently exfoliates and rehydrates your face and body. Keep water warm and rinse well. I use a very inexpensive cleanser from the drugstore with salicylic acid or glycolic acid for my fair, dry skin. It exfoliates and refreshes. Never buy pricey cleansers. You just rinse it down the drain, so it is big waste of money. Save your beauty budget for serums, creams, oils, and if you like, a good doctor and/or esthetician.
How to apply sunscreen and other products after washing your face:
Apply a chemical sunscreen on clean skin or it will not work. That is why anti-aging sunscreens with anti-oxidants are effective and efficient.
Followed by: serum, anti-oxidants, moisturizers, makeup.
If you prefer barrier blocks such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, as I do, they can be applied after the serum and moisturizers.
Apply: Serum, treatment, then moisturizers or oils.
Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
Cook at home. Food prepared at home has fewer calories and less fat than most restaurant meals. You can control portions and you’ll know what you are eating. Darlings, you know what is good for you, so make it a priority.
Never give up on yourself
Accept that no one is perfect. If you give into temptation and eat poorly one day, don’t give up! Just start eating well at your very next meal. After all, even Dr. Oz recently admitted to eating two pieces of his daughter’s Daphne’s chocolate cake, and he is a model of self-control.
Looking and feeling fabulous takes a certain amount of discipline, but with time the discipline becomes habit. A gorgeous habit.
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