Beat the January blahs!

Winter can make you glow or leave you feeling low.

January — with its post-holiday letdown and cold, dreary weather — can leave you feeling blah, bloated, and just a little boring. So here are a few of our favourite beauty fixes to lift your look and your spirits: 

Get a new fitness routine
If your resolution to get fit is already getting old, don’t give up and give in. You may have tried a class or workout. Try different classes and clubs until you find something that hooks you.
Gyms and clubs are still running New Year specials. Try everything until something clicks for you. Does dancing take you to your happy place? Find a Zumba class. My friends who do it are addicted. If you need to chill out find a yoga class, but try a few to get a perfect fit. All yoga classes and teachers are different. If like me, you prefer a structured challenge, try Pilates, a barre May be try yoga with "Skinnygirl" Bethenny Frankelclass, or a club that offers personal training. Again, look for a good fit.
A trial membership should give you an idea if a class is or studio is for you. To try out yoga, look for
Don’t save flattering highlights for the summer
The right highlights can warm up your hair and flatter your face. If you are a bold brunette, revive your hair with a shine-giving gloss.
Dark or grey roots can really bring your look down. If you are in a hurry or on a budget, try Clairol Root Touch-up. It’s easy and looks fabulous.
Pamper your skin
Darker winter months are the best time to tackle hyperpigmentation. We love the new products that treat it with peptides or enzymes. Our three favourites leave skin soft and radiant, and really work:
Elure Advanced Skin Lightening System
Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator
None of these products contain hydroquinone, which can have unpleasant side effects and can even darken some skins. These lines feel wonderful.
Be sure to use a good sunscreen daily to preserve results.  Lumixyl comes in a kit with a luxurious cleanser and an excellent sunscreen.
Highlight your natural beauty
It’s a mood boost to look great wearing little or no makeup to enhance your features.
Bulk up skimpy lashes with a peptide based non-prescription lash serum
They really work. Have your lashes and brows tinted at your hair salon or esthetician. You will look fabulous. If you need help shaping your brows, so get them done professionally and maintain the shape. Do not wax your brows; it ages the skin!
Have brows plucked or threaded, and save waxing for your legs.
Get a pretty pout
Perfectly glossed and defined lips can give anyone movie star glam in minutes. For a fast, sexy, and natural-looking pout, line your lips in flattering colour and then fill in your outline. Top the pencil with lip balm or gloss. Use a nude-looking pink for a sweet look, or red for femme fatale glam.
99 cent Wet N’ Wild  lip pencils are a favouite of many makeup artists I have worked with over the years. They are my favouite cheap thrill at the makeup counter.
Spa at home
Daily pampering will soothe and smooth you better than a once-in-a-blue moon visit to the spa. So, stock your bath with scrubs, masques, and oils. We love scrubs from St. Ives. We love the drugstore versions too. And we love to indulge our senses with scrub, gel, and lotions from Crabtree & Evelyn.  Their new Pomegranate Argan & Grapeseed Collection is intoxicating!
To pamper faces and décolleté we love Kae pure Argan oil from France and Mayumi Squalene Oil from Japan.  Pure oil seals in moisture from the steam. Refine your pores with gentle exfoliation. We love Skin Health byDr. Zein Obagi’s Offects Exfoliating Polish with natural Magnesium crystals from the Dead Sea, vitamin E, and delightfully scented botanicals.
No one beats Jo Malone or Chanel when it comes to divinely-indulgent bath oil. Find a scent that makes your heart sing.
Draw a bath, run a shower, and scrub and soak away your stress and dead skin. You
will look, feel, and smell heavenly! Scrub daily and your skin will glow and feel like silk.
Seal moisture in after a shower with a rich lotion or cream that contains cocoa or Shea butter. Be lavish. Use a body cream with glycolic acid or retinal twice a week to keep skin young looking all over.
Make your manicure last longer
Gel and shellac manicures can be super-drying and damaging to nails. But you can get your manicurist to apply a gel top coat over your regular polish for a long-lasting chip-resistant manicure. The top coat does not dry nails as there is no buffing required and it does not touch your nail surface. This will help keep a trendy dark nail colour looking fresh for days.
Keep cuticles gorgeous with regular use of nail oil. Organix South Theraneem Nail and Cuticle Pen is our favourite, costs a fraction of other brands, and works just as well. We also like TheraNeem, Neem Scrub, Nail & Cuticle scrub.
Bring back shine and bounce to hair dulled by winter dryness with a little TLC
We crave how Pureology  makes our hair feel and smell. We also loved these hair -saving tips from Pureology’s Colour Care Ambassador Natasha Sunshine that can help you keep your hair looking great all winter long:
·        Keep a bottle of Evian spray in your purse. It comes in a mini size, so it’s easy to take anywhere. A light blast of water can help with static or even “hat head.” Afraid of messing up your blow dry? Don’t worry. Do an all-over light mist from about 12" away, and then smooth your flat palms over your hair.
·        Condition, condition, condition. You’ll want to go for a daily conditioner with extra moisture during our driest months. Plus, a once-a-week conditioning masque for five minutes will give you that extra dose of hydration your hair needs. Try Pureology’s Hydrate Conditioner and Hydrate HydraWhip Masque.
·        When it comes to styling, be sure to lock in moisture by using a leave-in conditioner and a deeply-nourishing styler. Pureology’s MiracleFiller is a leave-in that will give you a supple dose of protein while hydrating the hair. Choose a wet/dry styler like Redken’s Argan-6. This incredibly light oil goes on wet and melts over the hair in a protective shine while blow drying. You can add a couple of drops after you complete your style to get extra shine and nourishment. and protection.
·        Stay away from too many hot tools. If you’re going to blow dry, skip the iron and vice versa. If you opt for the flat or curling iron, go to bed with a wet head and style in the morning.
Drink plenty of water all day long. Perk up with anti-aging anti-oxidants by drinking green tea. Black tea and herbal tea are tasty, have zero calories, and have health benefits. Don’t feel bad about having a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Studies have shown coffee can help banish depression.