Beat the bathing suit blues

The usally sexy Nigella in a burkiniShopping for a new bathing suit can give you the blues. Fitting rooms with their strange light seem to highlight flaws and throw insecurities into overdrive. But would it drive you to wearing a burkini?

Recently, paparazzi caught voluptuous UK beauty and cooking star Nigella Lawson in one of the unrevealing swimsuits on Australia’s BondiBeach. People wondered what drove the curvy kitchen goddess to cover up.
It seems that Nigella, who usually shows off her curves, was not seized by a sudden bout of modesty; she was simply protecting her skin. She was in Australia to film a cooking series and couldn’t chance a sunburn.  
Finding a bathing suit you feel comfortable in can be a challenge for many us, but it can be done. Here are some foolproof tips to help you find the suit that will make you feel fabulous.
It’s not just a bathing suit, it’s a look
Curvy Sofia Vergara has a look with her hat and hip wrap!Finding a bathing suit is easier when you think of it as finding a whole beach or pool look. If you are slim and fit, you may be comfortable in a bikini or bare bathing suit. But many women want a bit of camouflage and compression. And don’t forget poolside; you will spend a lot of time in a great cover-up. If you are slim-hipped and thin, you can simply wrap yourself in a sarong or "pareo." This look is classic French — very chic and St. Tropez. You can find a good selection of wraps from Victoria’s Secret and Gottex.
This summer there is no end of light-as-air maxi beach dresses that will skim stunningly over any figure flaws. The look ranges from an airy white romantic number from Spanx, to chic boho caftans from The caftans come in long and flowing styles that look romantic, or short and sexy to show off pretty tanned legs.
Marshals, T.J Maxx, and Winners also have great selections of these fun inexpensive cover-ups. We also loved the beach dresses from Victoria’s Secret.
Focus on what you like about your body
You’ll be happier when shopping for a bathing suit if you focus on what you like about your body rather than what you hate.
Balance your body by choosing the right suit
A bandeau or ruffle top suit will make the most of a smaller bust and help to balance bigger hips. A bottom that is shirred in the back is cute if you have a small or flat butt. Shirring across the front of a one-piece suit is flattering as it will disguise a pouch. Diagonal lines on one piece suit are flattering and slimming. If your breasts are not very firm, a molded or under-wired bra will enhance your bust. Victoria’s Secret and Gottex offer great options and fit.
To find the most flattering bikini bottoms try on lots of different styles. Very subtle changes can makes a big difference in how a suit looks on you. Do not assume thata larger bikini bottom will be more flattering; it is about how it sits on your on your hip.

Buy tops and bottoms separately
Many women will do better to shop for their two-piece bathing suits from stores that sell different sized tops and bottoms in matching fabrics. This allows for the most flattering fit and look. Victoria’s Secret, Spanx, L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer all offer that option.

Fuller-figured bathing beauties, such as the gorgeous Nigella Lawson and Sofia Vergara may prefer suits that offer their curves but still offer some control.
Flattering Gottex suitRecently Spanx, the popular shape-wear line, introduced a limited, but chic selection of bathing suits in classic styles.
Gottex offers very elegant suits for all figure types. Gottex suits are expensive, but are beautifully constructed, so if you get one to flatter your figure it will also support your body and look elegant and sexy.
Always for me offers an incredible selection of bathing suits and cover-ups in plus sizes. offers a large selection of slimming suits including the “miracle suit.”
L.L. Bean, a great retailer that now has free shipping, offers these slimming types of miracle suits also.
Skirting the issue
Basic black by SpanxAll of sites above offer skirted suits or bathing dresses. Occasionally, it is possible to find a cute retro-looking skirted suit, but be careful that it doesn’t make you look matronly. 
If you have serious fitting issues
If you have serious fitting issues, buy the best suit you can afford. Do not shop with friends; they can be kind but less than candid. Unless you know you have an honest friend with a knack for fashion, find a top-drawer lingerie store to help with tricky fitting. Most have experts. They will not embarrass you. These women are pros. They know how to make you look good and love to help.
Or, order a selection of suits and try them on at home. You can return them. Check their return policy carefully. The small return fee, if there is one, may be worth it to find the best fit. Wear a thin pair of panties when you try anything on.
Fun trends
Trends can be fun, especially for a something you replace often, such as a bathing suit. This year florals and stripes are popular, as are metallics. Ruffled-top bikinis and suits with a retro feel a la Mad Men are also big this summer and can be very flattering for small-busted beauties.
Don’t forget a sexy pair of snappy beach sandals to give you height. Add a fabulous sun hat to protect and flatter your gorgeous face.
Darlings, don’t let the bathing suit blues ruin your summer.