Transform yourself!

Diane von Furstenberg (image by Shankman) She became the woman she wanted to beSpring is the season of change, so why not use its transformative powers to fine tune your life.
This the perfect time to cast off old habits, reach for new dreams, and create new routines. If you want to lose weight, shape up, learn a new language, or recast yourself as a bombshell or a boardroom diva, start now.
Change is stressful, but life is dull without it. Labels cramp your style and hold you back. They can even kill you if you aren’t careful. Labels are used to keep you in your place.
I was social smoker until I quit cold turkey. I was terrified of gaining weight, so I walked like a fiend. I used quitting as a reason to exercise more, and it worked. I have never smoked again. I was also very thin and fit after I quit. You would think everyone would have been thrilled, but they weren’t. A friend made negative remarks about my thinness and my "snappy" personality. I know she just didn’t like the change in my status. She had to get used to me being a thinner non-smoker.
So darlings, make your plans and keep them to youself. Choose a good trainer or a class to help you reach your fitness goals, and then keep your program to yourself. Or find a workout buddy and keep each other accountable!
When we were growing up, my mother liked to label me and my sister. School came easily to me, so I was "the smart one." My sister got to be "the athletic one." The better I did in school, the less I was encouraged to excel at anything physical. As a result, it took me years to really find my niche with yoga and Pilates, and to develop any confidence.
My mother wasn’t alone or ill-intentioned. Parents, teachers, and even friends often label in an attempt to find attributes or even solidarity, but that doesn’t make it any less restrictive.
Friends who bond over being overweight or single may become resentful, if a member of the duo or group loses weight or develops a serious relationship. It’s easy to point to jealousy as the cause for friction, but just as often the culprit is fear of change. The results can be shocking.
When two friends of mine in their late thirties married, it cost the bride another relationship. When she told her longtime ‘best’ friend about the engagement, her friend became distant. On the wedding day, her friend did not show up or even bother to call, yet she had agreed to be the maid of honour and only attendant. The two ‘friends’ never spoke again. The ‘friend’ evidently felt betrayed that the bride had the decided to change her life and get another ‘best friend’ by getting married. How twisted. How sad.
"The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself,’ says designer and philanthropist Diane von Furstenberg , "because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself." It is wise advice. 
Never be afraid to reach high. You can become any type of woman you want to be. Why not take a leaf from the old movie studios. They often had young starlets emulate bigger stars until they developed their own style.
So, channel Audrey Hepburn’s gamin elegance, Marilyn Monroe’s sexy humour and charm, or Sophia Loren’s salty elegance. After all, that is exactly how today’s stars like Kim K., Lindsay Lohan and the rest find their inspiration. If you want a more modern inspiration, borrow from Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie, or maybe Diane von Furstenberg, Heidi Klum or Elle Macpherson.
Never be a parody or a copy. Be yourself, but learn from your idols and be inspired.
Try something new every week. Change your hair, accessories or attitude. Study the clothes and behavior of those you admire and learn. Reorganize your closet and learn to work with what you own. If you want to lose weight, or change your body, start today. Set aside an hour a day to work on yourself and your dreams. Drop anyone who makes you feel defeated, uncreative, tired, or distracted.
Diane von Furstenberg sumed up the need to be free to find oneself, no matter what others may think. "I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to become," von Furstenberg says. "Fashion was absolutely an accident in my life. As a result of that, I was becoming independent, and I was becoming more and more the woman that I wanted to be. If I have any role in what I do in fashion, it’s to make women feel more confident. To be confident, makes you beautiful, makes you happy, makes you fulfilled."
Darlings, you need to be free to become the woman you want to be. Labels are just a civilized shackle. Don’t let any one shackle you or your dreams. Transform yourself.