The real Lady Godiva!

Nicole Galland’s Lady Godiva is a politically savvy flirt, madly in love with her husband. She has to fight to save her people from a petty and tyrannical king.
Intrigued by the legends of Godiva, the lady who rode naked through the streets of Coventry, historical novelist Gallant decided to research the real story of 11th century noblewoman.
The legend says Godiva took her famous ride to free her people from being taxed by her husband, Leofric the Earl of Mercia. But Galland contends that makes no sense. According to her research, only the King was allowed to levy taxes. As the owner of Coventry, Godiva would have had to beggar her people to pay the king’s tax. There was also enough information for her to speculate that Godiva had made a voluntary “love match” with when she married her husband.
Godiva by Nicole Galland is a romantic retelling of a legend full of machinations and political plotting. This is a clever, lusty tale that will delight romance lovers.