Hot beach read!

All the Summer Girls by Meg Donahue  is an intriguing mystery set in in New Jersey beach town. Against a background of dunes, beach bars , and sun screen  a tale of friendship, secrets and forgiveness unfolds.
When Kate is jilted by her fiancé and finds herself pregnant she calls on her old school friends Vanessa and Dani for comfort. The three have been deeply affected by the tragic death of Kate’s twin brother during their last summer together. They blame themselves and each other for his death.
Each woman has been slowly self-destructing under the pressures of guilt and resentment. Kate has become so obsessive and closed off that she has driven her fiancé away. Vanessa is toying with leaving her husband having lost her own identity while at home with her young daughter. And Dani, the golden girl of the group, has drifted into a life of drinking and drugging as she struggles to become a writer.
Now, years after the tragedy that has marked them, they come together at the same beach house to comfort and confront each other. The teenage friends are now young women hoping to make sense of the past so they can move forward.
Readers will relate to the pressures and demands faced by the three women as well as their bonds of friendship. Read The Girls of Summer and share it with a friend.

Starting over can be a beach

Beach Colors by Shelley Noble is a perfect summer read.  
New York fashion designer, Margaux Sullivan has returned home to nurse her wounds. Her soon-to-be ex-husband has betrayed her and bankrupted her successful fashion design business. Margaret is devastated and doubts her talent and judgment. She takes refuge in Crescent Cove, her childhood home in a small New England beach town, right before the tourist season opens.
As Margaux reunites with her childhood friends she regains her confidence. At the urging of her friends, she decides to launch a new boutique design business from the safety of the beach town. Surrounded by old friends and her mother, she even falls in love again with the handsome local police chief.
Margaux and her new lover both have suffered past disappointments and face future responsibilities that may threaten their budding romance. Noble paints a plausible, but romantic picture of mid-life summer romance.
Beach Colors is a lyrical and hopeful story that will delight romantics.

Beach book!

Tout Sweet: Hanging Up my High Heels for New Life in France by Karen Wheeler is the bittersweet story of a successful beauty and fashion journalist who leaves her glam life to look for love and the "meaning of life" in a French village.

Karen is single, in her late thirties, has a glam job as a fashion editor, a fabulous flat in London, and the man of dreams. When she is jilted, she takes off on a trip to France. The mini-vacation is at the invitation of yet another eligible man. He also disappears from Karen’s life. But on this trip Karen falls in love with the small French village. 

In no time, Karen has bought a house with “lots of potential” and no running water.
She spends the next year renovating her house and her life.
Wheeler is not a coy story-teller. She is up front about the pain of rejection in her autobiographical novel. She attempts to make fun of all the clichés about English expats living in France. This part of the book comes off a bit lame, because Wheeler is a bit of cliché herself as an expat living in France.
Tout Sweet is about recovering from a lost love and healing a broken heart. Wheeler writes about being broken-hearted in painful detail, but also a sense of wry self-wariness.
This is a perfect summer read full of drama and all things French!