A seriously sexy trilogy

The Inside Out Trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones is a sexy-romantic read as well as a sizzling hot romance and a mystery. Jones takes the new genre of soft B&D chick lit to a new level with a sassy heroine, likable hero, and complex plot.
Sara is a brunette beauty who teaches high school but would rather spend her days in an art gallery. Her life changes when she begins to read a book left behind on her coffee table by her friend Ella. It is the private erotic diary of a woman named Rebecca. Sara is quickly drawn into Rebecca’s life. Rebecca has Sara’s dream job of working in a posh art gallery. But Sara is slowly horrified as Rebecca’s writing about  “her master” takes on an onerous tone.
Rebecca’s diary and belongings have been bought at auction by Sara’s best friend and fellow teacher Ella, a young, cash-strapped teacher who hopes to sell the sexy diaries on eBay with Rebecca’s other processions for a profit. Buying and selling the contents of abandoned lockers is her new sideline to supplement her low pay as a teacher. She considers the explicit, well-written dairies a potential windfall.
Sara who has read the diaries is worried that Rebecca is in trouble and needs help. Sara is debating what to do when Ella suddenly announces her “new rich boyfriend is taking her to Paris. Before leaving on her trip Ella gives Sara all of Rebecca’s things including the diaries.
Sara is hooked. She needs to know more about Rebecca. She calls the gallery where Rebecca works. On learning that Rebecca has indeed disappeared and has not returned to work as expected, she makes plans to attend a benefit at the gallery and find out more about what has happened.
Before she knows it Sara has Rebecca’s job and is drawn deeper into a mystery and a relationship with a charismatic, talented, handsome and dangerous artist.
The Inside Out Trilogy has it all: romance, glamour, sizzle, and suspense. Lisa Renee Jones is a master at keeping it all fresh and even unexpected in a genre that is all too often tired and tacky.
If I Were You is the first book in the trilogy. It follows Sara as she enters Rebecca’s life and meets Mark and Chris. Both are alpha males and very attractive. Chris is a ensual, rebel who teases and challenges Sara. He is also a world-famous painter who demands love, but also runs from it. Mark is a handsome and commanding man with impeccable taste and  grooming. He is also the millionaire owner of the gallery and her boss. Both men play games with dominance and submission. Sara finds herself both frightened and intrigued by their world.
In the second book, Being Me, Sara is now deeply into her new life at gallery. She finds herself pulled between the demands of her  boss Mark and her lover Chris. She is also desperately trying to find Rebecca. Sara begins to discover a hidden side of her own personality. She also discovers that her lover is haunted by dark demons that threaten their love.
In the final book, Revealing Us, Sara and Chris flee to Paris. There they finally strip away the dark secrets that have kept them apart. Together they explore and create a new sensual reality.
If this popular genre intrigues you, or if you are a fan but require writing and wooing with your writhing, then Lisa Renee Jones is the writer for you.