Battling winter colds


Heaven knows there are far more serious illnesses than a winter cold, but few things are more miserable. That’s why we decided to share this handy and effective list of cold fighting tips from Honeydrop Beverages.
According to the company, “David Luks, founded Honeydrop in 2009 after a battle with cancer that lead him to learn about living a natural lifestyle and the extraordinary health benefits of honey. He wanted to offer consumers a healthy alternative to sugary sodas.” We like his tips and his honeyed tea. We think it would be good hot too, especially if we were battling a cold.
 10 easy ways to fight off winter colds:
·        Rest:  Having a slightly less hectic day just won’t cut it.  Your body needs lots of rest.  Drop the laptop, skip the happy hour, and forget the chores.  Save your energy so your body can fight the cold.
·        Drink plenty of fluids: Drinking fluids will help loosen congestion and keep you hydrated.  You’ll need more fluids then usual, so keep a fresh cup of tea, a bottle of water, or your favorite juice handy at all times. 
·        Add Honey To Your Diet: Honey is an immune system builder as it has antioxidants help fight disease.  Drop a teaspoon of honey in your tea or try a tea or juice with honey already added.  A great option is one of Honeydrop Beverages Lemon Honey Ginger tea. It contains 100 percent Vitamin C and is void of all refined or artificial sweeteners.
·        Use a Compress: Hot or cold compresses work great for relieving sinus pressure.  Make your own with a microwaved damp washcloth (50 seconds does the trick), or use a pack of frozen veggies. 
·        Take a Hot Shower: The warm steam will moisturize your nasal passages to making breathing easier and more comfortable.  Plus, a hot shower will relax you!
·        Blow Your Nose Correctly:  It’s not just about “getting the gunk out.”  Blowing too hard can rupture an eardrum or cause an earache.  To make sure you are blowing your nose correctly, hold one finger over one nostril and gently blow. 
·        Wash Your Hands Often: During cold season, it’s not enough to just squeeze in a hand washing before exiting the restroom. Wash your hands before meals, after blowing your nose, after making contact with others, and after leaving public areas. Don’t forget to clean under your fingernails too!  Lots of germs get stuck there.
·        Replace Your Toothbrush: Your toothbrush can be a breeding ground for germs, so while cold season is in full swing, replace your toothbrush monthly. After a cold, immediately toss that germy toothbrush for a fresh start!
·        Keep Stress in Check:  Your body will have a much easier time fighting off a winter cold without stress weighing you down.  Eliminate stressful activities from your schedule and make time for things that relax and calm you. Yoga, reading, watching a comedy, and listening to peaceful music are all great options.
·        Get Some Sun:Without sunlight, Vitamin D levels drop significantly in your body, which reduces immunity. If you cannot get a daily dose of sun, try Vitamin D pills as a substitute.