A spa “barre” workout at home

Creators of Exhale Core Fusion Elizabeth Halfpapp and Fred Devito

Elizabeth Halfpap and Fred DeVito the couple that created Exhlae Core FusionIf your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, or if you just want to shake yourself out of the winter doldrums, you may want to try one of the hot new “barre” workouts that are so popular with celebrities. Barre workouts are done partly at a ballet barre — or you can use a chair-back at home. The best ones tone the whole body and build muscle mass. I have become addicted to the Exhale Core Fusion Workout offered at the Exhale Spas. I do it five days a week at the new Atlanta Exhale Spa. I hate to miss it.  If you don’t have an Exhale Spa near you – you can still try it. If you haven’t heard about the fabulous barre workouts that can reshape your body as well as build strength and flexibility, don’t miss a word of our interview with Elizabeth Halfpapp, the co-creator of Exhale Core Fusion. 
DD: What is the principle behind the Core Fusion workouts?
EH: Core Fusion fuses the disciplines of core conditioning, Pilates, Lotte Berk Method, and yoga.  This program creates long, lean muscles, a youthful body, and a sense of peace and relaxation.  It works from the inside out, delivering fast, safe results through emphasis on breathing, position, and alignment, creating washboard abs, dancer-like thighs, and a lifted high round butt, thus creating functional balanced muscles for any sport or activity.
The DVD's follow the popular mind body classes --and they do --I have done both!DD: How did you create Core Fusion? How did it evolve?
EH: Fred and I created Core Fusion combining respectively through Fred’s background of sports/physical education teacher and my ballet dance background, along with our 22 years of teaching, teacher training, and managing the Lotte Berk Method, and our yoga/Pilates background.
It has evolved through offshoots of Core Fusion Yoga, Core Fusion Sport (using weighted core balls and resistance bands), Core Fusion Cardio, and soon Core Fusion Boot Camp and Core Fusion Chill (a restorative/stretch class).
DD: Does Core Fusion work the entire body? Is it a complete workout?
EH: Yes, Core Fusion is designed to work the entire body plus balance all the muscles with strength and stretch.  It works the body through cardio interval training.
DD: If you do the whole 60-minute workout, do you still need to do cardio or weights?
EH: We use light weights and weighted core balls for our upper body exercises.  For the other body parts, we use the body as its own resistance.  All our Core Fusion classes are designed to have a cardio component.
Our Core Fusion, Core Fusion Yoga, and Core Fusion Sport are more cardio interval training based, while our Core Fusion Cardio is our fat burning cardio class incorporating long duration and low intensity movements.
DD: You use very light weights — only two or three pounds — for the workouts? Is that heavy enough to tone up arms? Will it get even tricky-to-tone triceps firm?
EH: Yes, you will tone your arms including the triceps with light weights.  We are adamant about the position and alignment, creating very precise deep muscular work which reshapes the muscles fast — a dancer training technique.
DD: There are many Core Fusion DVDs. Can you recommend one or two of them to start with, for anyone looking to get fit or even lose a pound or two?
EH: I would recommend combining either Pilates Plus or Sculpt with Lean + Toned or Boot Camp.  But to create variety and surprise the muscles, it is best to mix up all the DVDs.  All our DVDs have different movement sequences and positions for each body part.
DD: Will Core Fusion help with a weight loss program?
EH: Core Fusion will help with weight loss because we create muscle density, which at rest muscles burn more calories.  We look at the muscles, especially the thighs, as furnaces.  Get muscle density and you will heighten your metabolic rate.
The full listing of the Core Fusion titles are as follows:
Exhale: Core Fusion Pure Abs & Arms
Exhale: Core Fusion Pilates Plus
Exhale: Core Fusion Body Sculpt
Exhale: Core Fusion Thighs & Glutes
Exhale: Core Fusion Lean & Toned
Exhale Core Fusion Yoga: Energy Flow
Exhale: Core Fusion Boot Camp