Bargain bargain

Have you tried Carmex lip balm? It has been a favourite of models and makeup artists for years.

I love the soothing texture and the cooling menthol. Original Carmex Lip balm in the pot is my favourite, but you may prefer your lip balm in a stick. The Carmex Click Stick in Vanilla and Lime Twist glides on and contains Vitamin E and Aloe.
I also love their new Carmex Healing Cream for hands in a convenient little tube. Stash them everywhere and have baby soft hands.

Carmex products are inexpensive, but work like magic. They are a true beauty bargain. 

DolceDolce tip:

For a perfect pout, outline and then fill in your lips with your favourite red or nude lip pencil. The pencil lets you define the lips. It is quick to do and does not smear. Top with your favourite Carmex for a smear resistant pout.