Banish break outs

The “Magic Wand” is a hand-held blue light device from Klima Health Solutions. It treats acne blemishes with a combination of deep heat and a specific wave length blue light. 

According to the manufacturers you will see “visible blemish clearing in one hour.” They also claim that “within 24 hours, the Magic Wand eliminates or significantly reduces 90 percent of blemishes. Even for stubborn acne, the magic wand will shorten the healing time by more than half.”

I tried TMW and I like it. I have tried other devices that claim to banish blemishes by using only heat or light. I found the combination of heat and light supplied by TMW worked best. I did use TMW frequently during the night to get results, but it did not irritate my skin. As a past acne sufferer, I have tried almost everything to clear blemishes. Of all the blemish banishing devices TMW is the best the best one I have tried.
This is a great investment if you suffer an occasional pimple or two. I doubt it would work effectively on deep cystic pimples. For this type of severe acne, you should consult an acne specialist.
The device costs $99.
The manufacturer says it will last about10 years. It operates on ordinary small batteries, and you never need to replace the tip, unlike other devices.