Travel tips for your back

Esther Gokhale "hiphinges" forwardSummer is often a time for travel, and that can mean logging hours in cramped painful airline seats. I do not suffer from back pain, but some airline seats are killers.

Pain specialist Esther Gokhale says traveling in an airplane no longer has to be painful or uncomfortable.  Esther created the renowned Gokhale Method for pain-free living, and is the author of 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back. She says that while all airplane seats have a curvature that forces the spine into an uncomfortable C-shape, there are steps one can take for a pain-free ride.
These simple tips protect the spine and reduce muscle tension during an airplane flight:
Fill the C: The concave shape of airline seats puts pressure on the spinal discs and is the starting point for muscle tension. Fill the lower part of your seat with pillows, blankets, sweaters, or a Stretchsit cushion to create a flat plane along which you can lengthen your spine. 

Stretchsit cushions are made by Esther Gokhale to help rejuvenate the back by lengthening the long muscles of the back. This provides more space for the spinal discs and nerves.
Hip-Hinge Forward: You can avoid the C-shape altogether by hip-hinging forward. Use your hands to support your head with your elbows resting on the open tray. You can adjust the placement and height of your hands to provide a gentle stretch in the neck.
  • Support Your Head: One of the best ways to rest or sleep on a flight is to lengthen your spine and support your head against the seat in front of you. If you are lucky enough to be in a window seat, you can find even more support in the corner between the seat in front of you and the wall of the airplane. Be sure to use a Stretchsit cushion, blanket, pillow or sweater to cushion your head.



Oh, my aching back!

Darlings, everywhere I go, people complain about their aching backs. Even the young ones moan. Life is too short to have such pain. Don’t suffer. Try Yoga to the Rescue with Desirée Rumbaugh.

I know of what I speak. Years a go, I let yoga go by the wayside, and I developed neck issues. I also have some disc problems. After a certain age, who doesn’t? The pain was excruciating. I couldn’t move my neck and at times, the pain was so bad it radiated it down my arm to my hand. I also couldn’t stop because of it. I flew around the world like that. I had pills for the pain and tried massage. Nothing really worked.
Then I went back to yoga. Bye-bye pain. It took a year to get relief, but it worked. I have been marvelously free from pain ever since. I can’t promise it will work for everyone, but many specialists agree that exercise and stretching are the answers to most back issues. I run around in stilettos and never have back pain – ever. Check with your doctor, of course.
With 20 years of experience, Desirée Rumbaugh believes in the transformative and healing powers of yoga, and you can experience it for yourself.
The Yoga to the Rescue Collection by Desirée Rumbaugh is brilliant. One of the other DVDs in the set, Yoga to the Rescue Feel Good Head to Toe, helps to heal your whole body. This is good for beginners too. A bonus is that it has a pose for instant calm. Try it – it really works!
The Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain DVD will help improve alignment and posture as well as flexibility. This is the kind of exercise that really addresses the causes of lower back pain.
The Yoga to the Rescue for Neck and Shoulders DVD banishes stress and stiffness while toning the whole upper body.
Don’t suffer –stretch!  also from amazon