Strengthen your skin

Our Alice Farnsworth tried out the newest products from Aveeno’s line of Active naturals called Positively Ageless. The line is designed to "help skin age gracefully". She really liked them. Here is Alice’s review:
It's not just the elderly who have thin skin. Many, due to genetics, are born with a propensity to thin skin, which bruises more easily and ages faster.
Others have thinner skin due to the cumulative effects of external assaults, such as sun, gravity, and smoking. Also, dry skin is more susceptible to thinning.
To combat fragile skin, Aveeno has introduced a new line called Positively Ageless. I tried four of these products, with good results.
An application of either the Skin Strengthening body cream or the hand cream is good for 24 hours. Both hand and body cream erase many of the results of sagging skin and leave the skin stronger, with fewer lines and wrinkles.
The Positively Ageless resurfacing facial scrub lightly exfoliates without irritating fragile skin for a smoother, more even tone.
I really liked the Positively Ageless correcting tinted moisturizer with SPF 30. It takes very little to cover facial skin completely and evenly and still offers necessary protection while smoothing lines and wrinkles.
All these products are well worth the price.
Aveeno’s new Positively Ageless products cost from $5.99 to $19.99.