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Recently, I attended an “Experience” at my local Aveda Lifestyle Store. I already have my hair done at an Aveda salon so deciding to attend was a given –even though I go to very few in-store events.  I am so glad I did – it was fabulous.


Aveda’s Lifestyle stores are little oasis of “wellness”. They are the perfect place to recharge and be  pampered. Aveda is all about pure flower and plant essences that are” alive with the life force of plants, and contain pure essential oils.” Their products smell and feel divine. I love using products full of natural sentential oils.

For over an hour I was pampered while I drank herb tea and inhaled relaxing essential oils. My hair — which has succumbed to the humidity or the South and is subjected  to highlighting and heat — was restyled by the amazing Tippi Shorter. 

Tippi is a top celebrity stylist and Aveda Global Artistic Director, Textured Hair. She worked magic on my hair smoothing and taming it. She also gave me excellent advice about eliminating frizz using Aveda Smooth Frizz and Smooth Infusion, naturally straight. Following her advice my hair came out shiny and frizz free when I did it myself the next day.AvedaTippieShorter


Check out the Aveda Lifestyle store near you. They offer “experiences”  –such as having your hair restyled by a top expert like Tippi or just stop in for a “moment of wellness”   with a relaxing Aveda hand massage.



Life is sweeter when you make time to have new experiences.

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