A new treatment that smoothes and colours hair

Angela D'AmarioAngela D’Amario tried a new treatment that combines a smoothing hair with a brightening colour glaze. Here is Angela’s report:
Keratin Complex, the maker of U.S.'s top hair-smoothing treatment, now comes in colours. Last week, DolceDolce was invited to Atlanta's Salon Skanda for the launch of Keratin's new salon hair color line, KeraHold.
Like me, you're probably skeptical of any hair-product line's entry into color. Bad-quality salon color can wreck your hair, especially if you're going lighter. Most of us who have coloured out hair have a horror story.
For years, I repeatedly put highlights and lowlights my hair until it was so dry and damaged it wouldn’t even hold my natural curls without coaxing. So I decided to take a color sabbatical. It's been a year now with zero color treatments. Lucky for me, the ombre trend has been "in" during my "grow-out" stage.
I was relieved that the same qualities that make Keratin's smoothing treatment good for your hair are also found in its new color line. Your hair's keratin proteins give it its structure. These proteins are actually replenished during coloring with Keratin's line, that same way it is during the smoothing treatment. Other salon color treatments can strip your hair of natural keratin. And Keratin's color stays amazingly vibrant. Unevenly colored hair is caused by damaged hair – or bad self-dye jobs. Damaged hair is porous, so imagine trying to "paint" over a block of Swiss cheese. Damaged hair absorbs or “grabs” pigment unevenly. Keratin's color treatments strengthen your hair and fill in those pesky pores, so Bright or sublte colour and smoother hairthe color stays on much more evenly and doesn't fade.
Keratin's color line is "new," so it's now only available at salons in a few select Southeast markets. I'm sure that won't be the case for long. We have a feeling the line will be at as many salons as Keratin's smoothing treatment pretty quickly.
During the line's launch at Salon Skanda, I tried the clear gloss. I still wasn’t ready to dip my locks back in the colour pond yet. But after seeing firsthand how wonderful Keratin's colors look on others and loving my gloss, I'm planning to add colour back into my life before the holidays. Check out more about the line at
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