Give someone who has everything the stars

dolceteleWhen someone has everything why not look to the heavens for inspiration?  

Orion StarBlast 4.5 Equatorial Reflector Telescope is an attractive, mid-range telescope.  I liked this telescope because it is attractive and would blend with many decors.  It is also a wide-field reflector telescope that will give a viewer get great views of the moon, planets, and many bright deep-sky objects.  It costs less than $200. The site has many other models and gifts all related to telescopes, in a wide range of prices. 

Or why not give a personal astrology reading? Few things are more fascinating than self-exploration.

Readings begin at $200 and include beautiful full colour charts and 45- 60 minute audio digital recording.


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Women are from Venus, men are from Mars

We are re-running one of our most popular interviews, for those who missed it the first time. Identical twins and astrologers, Ophira and Tali Edut wrote The AstroTwins’ Love Zodiac: The Essential Astrology Guide for Women. It gives you the lowdown on every sign’s dating dos and don’ts, and how to attract all 12 sun signs. In this exclusive DolceDolce interview, the AstroTwins share the dating advice they give their website’s 40 million readers, as well as such celebrity clients as Beyonce and Sting.

Don’t miss their predictions for the rest of 2009!
DD: Why did you become astrologers? 
AT: We were first captivated by astrology when we were 21, studying art at the University of Michigan. A friend printed out a comprehensive chart based on our time, date and place of birth, and it was bizarrely on point. We were like, ‘how on earth can anyone know so much about us?’ Being naturally curious yet a little skeptical, we wanted to see if this was a fluke or if there was something more to it. We started doing our friends’ charts and were shocked by how many accurate details and insights there were. From there, we began reading and learning everything about astrology and it unfolded from there.
DD: Is it hard for sisters to work together? And – may I ask – what are your signs?
AT: We bicker sometimes, as sisters do. But as family members, you know you’re going to love each other the next day. There’s room for us to disagree and keep on moving. Working together as sisters is more fun than anything, especially because there’s always someone to bounce ideas off of. Our sign is Sagittarius (December 2).
DD: How useful is astrology in predicting the success of a relationship?
AT: Incredibly useful. Even the best relationships are like mirrors – they’ll bring up your core issues to be healed. The key is to understand and respect your innate differences. When we work with couples, we help them understand each other’s needs, hot buttons, and how they can support each other in their growth, rather than misinterpret every little thing. For example, we have a Virgo client who’s a huge planner and a micro-manager. Her Aries boyfriend is this totally spontaneous guy who needs to feel like he’s in charge. She’d offer "helpful" suggestions and he’d rebel, and they were stuck in that dynamic. We helped her devise new ways of presenting ideas in a way that didn’t threaten or insult him. Now they cooperate beautifully.
DD: What is the sexiest sign of the zodiac?
AT: Depends. If you like raw, hot passion, probably Leo, Scorpio or Capricorn. If you like it slow and sensual, Libra or Taurus. For technique, Virgo is hardly the "Virgin" his reputation suggests. He’s the sign of "service," so take that however you want.
DD: What is the most difficult sign of the zodiac?
AT: It’s the sign that’s either one or five signs away from yours. Astrologically, you have no traits in common, i.e., being a fire sign or a mutable sign. You’re fundamentally different, which can challenge you to grow in important ways, but it’s not always easy. 
DD: Can you use astrology find your perfect career or to handle a difficult boss?
AT: Yes , you really can use it for just about anything. It’s all about self-knowledge. The more you know yourself, the more you can make choices in your own best interest. If your boss is difficult, astrology can help you work "with" his/her sign’s traits. For example, a Leo boss will respond to flattery and gifts, while a Scorpio boss will just think you’re trying to manipulate her. You can also look at the interplay between your signs and find the "sweet spot" to make it all work.
DD: Any predictions about the economy?
AT: We saw this coming. Pluto, which rules major transformations, is moving for the first time in 13 years on November 27. It’s moving into Capricorn, which rules the economy, government, big business, hierarchies, corporate structures and the "old guard." Pluto is like a wrecking ball that comes in and destroys anything that no longer serves the greater society in order to heal. Capricorn is an Earth sign, so the "green" trend is only going to grow. Eco-friendly businesses will thrive. Capricorn also rules integrity, so companies with unethical practices will continue going down. At first, it will seem like a disaster, but it’s clearing the way for a new global consciousness around money, business and trade. 
DD: Do you have any good news prediction for 2009?
AT: Jupiter, the luck planet, will be in Aquarius, which rules friendship, humanity, technology, and teamwork. Socially responsible efforts will be supported more than ever. "Sharing is caring" in 2009. To deal with the economic shifts and real estate crash, we predict people creating their own communal lifestyle similar to the Israeli kibbutz. We see shared dinner tables, child-rearing, even co-op ownership of cars and houses. People will come out from behind closed doors for community gardens and will use social networking – online and off – to make their voices heard. It’s a "power to the people" kind of year.