Asian-style overnight renewal

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If you are serious about skin care, then you have heard about the rituals in Korea and Japan that women use to care for their beautiful complexions. Asian skin care is legendary for its nature-based rituals.


Amarte is a luxury skin care line developed in Korea and brought to America by Dr. Craig Kraffert, MD, the founder of Derm Store. Amarte combines elements of traditional Korean medicine with cutting edge science’


Amarte means “to love you,” and elegantly presented skin care line makes you feel pampered and beautiful. The air-tight pump bottles keep the products fresh and hygienic. I also love the refreshing natural fragrances of each product.


Amarte Overnight Express Therapy is a new multifunctional sleeping mask that boosts brightness, tightness, and clarity so you wake up with renewed skin and a more luminous and fresh-looking face.


The company describes the science behind the mask this way: “a silk matrix acts as a sponge, delivering peptides and retinol overnight while simultaneously soaking up toxins and oil. I tried a sample. It left my skin looking fresh and refined. I often like to slip it on in the afternoon before going out if I am working at home. It makes a great pick-me-up.


It costs $79.