Targeted beauty treatments

ApothedermfirmjpgClick on top title to open and scroll  Coincidentally, I recently tried a sample of Karina Smirnoff’s favourite Apothederm skin care line. Apothederm’s products use “Smart Peptides” developed by their parent company, Helix BioMedix.  According to Apothederm, this “new generation of patented, bioactive peptides mimic an amino acid sequence of the skin’s own natural protect and restore functions”.According to the Apothederm, their “SmartPeptides can target very specific skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, texture, dark spots, and thinning.”

I tried Apothederm Firming Serum. I like the feel of the product as it is easily-absorbed and not greasy. It is also not drying like some serums. I like the combination of ingredients. I have sensitive skin that does not react well to retinol, but I get great results from a combination of glycolic, anti-oxidants, and high powered peptides like the ones in Apothederm. The skin care experts I speak with all consider peptides very effective. This is very good line especially if you are looking for a retinol alternative.

Apothederm makes a full line of anti-aging skin care that is well priced at $165 for a kit.