Shimmer power

L'oreal Hip Chrome Color Gold ChargeOne of the most glamorous looks for the holiday season is metallic eye shadow and liner. A shimmery line of gold, silver, or iridescent purple can make your eyes pop.
L’Oreal’s HiP Color Chrome eye liners are an effortless and chic way to go metallic for the evening.  
Makeup artist Collier Strong recommends: “For eyes that really pop, try using gold or silver liner just in the corners.”
Anne GravelOur glam editor Anne Gravel likes to highlight her blue eye with line of silver metallic. She places a line of L’orealHiP Silver Lightening Color Chrome pencil under her eyes after she has applied her regular black liquid liner.
I have been using the  HiP Gold Charge Chrome Color Eye Liner at night as an accent to my normal black or brown pencil liner. I use it on my top and bottom lids and blend the line to a shimmer.

Creamy Moussse

Anne  GravelBeauties who colour, process, and heat style often worry about products that can dry their hair. It’s a dilemma, as the current vogue for curls, waves, and sleek chignons mean that that hair often needs a little help. Redken Aerate 08 Bodifying Cream mousse is a new styler that combines the benefits of a mousse with the conditioning of a cream. This creamy product is designed to boost volume without drying hair or weighing it down. This original aerated cream mousse has cellulose to plump up body and volume. There is also a bonding system that uses cationic conditioners and style polymers for shiny manageable hair. There is also a UV filter in the colour safe formula.

Redken aerate08DolceDolce’s Anne Graveltried it out recently on her luxe blonde mane. It left her hair full, shiny and very glam.

How to be fabulous – it’s worth it

Choose your friends carefully photo by www.karinpacione.comRecently, I have seen some incredibly horrific, unattractive, self-defeating behavior from women who really should know better. I am not going to name names, but it has inspired me to write my own little guide to being fabulous.

Don’t diss your body, to anyone – even yourself
Darlings, I do not know who coins nasty names for women’s body parts, but they are evil. Expressions such as “muffin top” and “vampire dinner plate lips” are disgusting. They’re also silly, hateful, and hurtful. Women begin to think of themselves as “cottage cheese thighs”, “saddlebag hips” and other even more disgusting things.
It is easier to blame fashion magazines and models for body image problems than the men and women who propagate this tripe. Darlings, these people are insecure haters with issues. Do not listen to them or repeat this trash; it can hurt your self image and it hurts other women. You are beautiful. Learn to love your body, and display it to advantage. If you don’t like a part of your body, work to improve it and learn to dress to highlight what you do love — your lovely hands, adorable feet, tiny waist, great legs, mesmerizing eyes or whatever treasures Mother Nature gave you. If you have trouble with this, ask a friend or book a make-up lesson. Make-up artists are great at seeing potential.
The biggest romance killer in the world is the phrase “I look fat”. No one thinks it and no one wants to hear it, especially in a romantic situation.
You are fabulous — believe it and make it your mantra. It is not conceited to feel beautiful, it is your birthright.
Choose your friends carefully
Careless friends can also damage your reputation. People will judge you by the company you keep, especially in the workplace. If you have friends who get drunk, use drugs, or are promiscuous, it may not say good things about you. Is that fair?  Maybe not, but it is life. Am I for one minute suggesting not standing by a true friend who has fallen on hard times? Not for a minute. Get that that friend help, but also help by being discreet and keeping their troubles off Facebook and other public places so they can get a job later!
Careless friends can also be dangerous. They can get you into dangerous situations. There are bad people out there who hurt and exploit women.  You do not need to associate with anyone with may endanger you by giving out personal information or hooking up with random people.
Be on time
Darlings, waiting for people makes the other person feel used and abused. Need I say more?  Work on this if you are bad at it . You can improve; I did.  I am almost never late anymore.  I have been punctual for years now. I consider it a point of honour. Just think of how dreadful you make some people feel by being late. Very hot men have been known to drop even super-hot women for tardiness — really!  This can be very motivating.
Don’t text or talk on the phone when you are with others
It’s rude to ignore people you are with.  Phoning or texting while you’re with other people tells them they are not important to you. If you have to do it for work, be brief.  The same goes for children or husbands.  There are no excuses; it is the lowest of low behavior. If someone did it to me, she would soon be eating or drinking alone.
Don’t gossip
Have one or two friends with whom you can talk about anything. Do not gossip with anyone else. It’s cheap and tacky to talk about people. Any friend should be able to confide in you, but stop them if they start to divulge too much. They will thank you later.
You must indulge in industry chat to keep up and get ahead.  But if you gossip like a magpie about everyone you will look like a classless shrew. Just stop and redeem your reputation.
Keep your word
Darlings, so few people keep their word, it boggles the mind. Keep yours and make it your bond.  If you can’t keep a promise or obligation for some very good reason, apologize and make amends.  You will be respected and valued.
Be kind, the world is rough place
A truly fabulous woman is kind. She showers the world with her light. I sometimes think kindness is the most underrated beauty secret in the world and I am not kidding. We never when we meet people what little wounds they may have sustained, or what sorrows they may be carrying.  Many people are just plain tired all the time and it makes them cranky. A little kindness and humour can elevate a person’s day, if only for a minute.
Send notes
When was the last time you sent a thank you note? Learn to send them.  I write them all the time. People love to get them. Too few of us send them. Notes are better than calls. They are easy and fun to do.  Mention, in detail, why the dinner, gift, play or whatever was so wonderful.  You can use wonderful stationary or email, but do it. 
And darlings, think of all the effort that went into whatever it was that delighted you so — and do it quickly. And do I need to tell you that job interviews get a thank you note too?!
If you have made a mistake, done something wrong or slighted someone — apologize. Do it quickly and sincerely. Do not excuse yourself as you apologize either. Just do it and mean it.
Develop a specialty
Learn to do something fun really well. It can be anything; a musical number to perform at parties or dish you can cook flawlessly. It is fabulous to have a specialty or two – and you are up to it.
Get a pair of magic shoes
Every fabulous woman needs magic shoes.  Maybe they are red, gold, or classic black patent heels.  They have to comfortable so you can dance all night in them. They sit in your closet and you know every time you put them on you will have fabulous time.  The right shoes can do that for a woman.  Look for your magic shoes if you don’t already have them, you will find them — and they may change your life.
Get a great dress or suit
Unlike the magic shoes, this is the ultimate work outfit. A great dress or suit makes you feel pulled together on your worst day. You should be able to accessorize it five different ways. If you change your shoes, jewels, or scarf, you will have a different look.  You can throw it on in minutes when you are running late and know you will look perfect. It is fabulousness on a hanger.
If you need find that kind of outfit, try the best department store in your city or a boutique or specialty shop such as Anne Taylor, Diane von Furstenberg, White House/Black Market — or ask a friend whose style you admire for a suggestion.
It may seem strange that I place the same importance on choosing friends as on finding magic shoes, but I do.  I believe it is so important for a woman to have reverence and affection for herself, inside and out. I think being fabulous is equal parts mystique and endeavor.  People we surround ourselves with shape our lives more than many of us ever realize.
Darlings, you are fabulous and if you aren’t feeling it, try to find out why. I promise you it is worth it.

Get your glow on!

Anne GravelThe weather is getting warmer and we are all just aching to bare some skin. For many of you my darlings that means it is time to tan! But don’t you dare shake and bake! May is skin cancer awareness month. So wear you sun block and use a good sunless tanner to get your glow on! We love Sun Sauce. I do not tan, but the friends and family here at DolceDolce have tried oceans of self-tanners. Sun Sauce is still one of our all time favourites! It’s a celebrity favourite too.They love it on Dancing with the Stars and Deal or No Deal. So we went to Cathy Mogler, who represents Sun Sauce to get so expert advice to how to tan like a pro without streaks, ripples or a hint of an unattractive coppery tinge. 

DD: Can anyone use a self-tanner, even those with sensitive skin and extremely fair skin?
CM: Yes anyone can tan with sunless tanning lotions that are the beauty of sunless tanning, everyone is candidate. If you have sensitive skin and have recurring allergic reactions when it comes to skin care products, I would suggest trying a small amount somewhere where only you can see it.  If you are extremely fair, trying using a product with just a "touch" of sunless. Used on a daily basis you will be able to build a tan 
DD: How can you tell which self tanner to use for a natural look?
CM: All of us have experienced or witnessed a self-tanning adventure gone badly. Whether your memories include strange shades of orange, wild streaking, discolored palms, darkened knees or elbows, or some other ghastly outcome, sunless tanning technology has come a long way. For home use, sunless bronzing lotions are the easiest to apply and the most affordable option. One of the “hottest” sunless lotions on the market today is Sun Sauce. Only available on line or at boutique salons, Sun Sauce is the creation of Dale Hansen an industry skin care veteran and one of the pioneers of DHA sunless tanning Sun Sauce is a hybrid sunless product that combines advanced skin care and DHA bronzing technology. What is DHA?

Editors note: According to the AmericanAcademy of Dermatology, the most effective sunless tanning products contain dihydroxyacetone(DHA) as the active ingredient. DHA is a colorless chemical that is derived from glycerin. It interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a “tan or bronze effect”. As dead skin cells are shed every 5-7 days you need you reapply to keep your “tan” fresh!

DD: Is there any way to prevent streaking?  
CM: Here are a few steps that maximize your sunless tanning experience and minimize streaking
·        Cleanse and exfoliate and lightly moisturize skin.
·        Use latex gloves or wash hands thoroughly after application.
·        Create a system of application so you don’t miss or reapply on body
·        Pay attention to body parts with creases such as knees, elbows, wrists, fingers and neck
·        Use small amount of product and apply with a smooth circular motion
·        Be careful and apply evenly.
·        The more even the application the better the tan will be.
·        It is important to “feather in” the sunless product around hairlines.
·        Lightly apply around really dry skin areas, such as heels.
 “Having healthy skin is important to maximize the results of a sunless tan. Taking care of your skin properly by applying moisturizers daily and then using sunless, will ensure a more spectacular sunless tan that will last longer. 
 DD:  Lots of women get dark spots on their knees and ankles –how can that be avoided? 
CM: Exfoliate and apply a light moisturizer before applying sunless lotion. The skin on the knees and ankles tend to be dryer, lotion naturally will absorb into the skin and the skin will drink in more products, that’s why feathering the product into those areas is recommended. I recently read that a cosmetic brush is great for “feathering” lotion around the ankles and knees as well as the rest of the body to avoid streaking; this technique will create an even more beautiful tan.
DD: Can tanning make you look thinner? 
CM: A tan can improve the appearance of imperfections. It also makes you look healthier and yes thinner.  Tanning creates an illusion. It can even out skin tones and diminish the appearance of cellulite. Having a nice tan can actually boost your self-esteem. If you look better you feel better 
DD: Can tanning help mild depression?
CM: Improving your appearance improves your self-esteem. Improving your self-esteem improves your outlook, and improving your outlook changes the way you feel.  
DD: What determines the shade of different tanners?
CM: It all depends on what your skin tone is and the type of sunless product application you choose. 
If you have very fair skin, your sunless experience will be mild to moderate vs. someone who has olive skin that will develop deeper color.
Product application makes a huge difference. Spray tan booths will give you instantaneous deep dark tan. (Don’t forget to use barrier cream around cuticles and on your finger and toenails). Micro mist sunless tanning products offer a light layer of product for a subtle natural look and last but not least sunless tanning lotions if applied on a daily basis will give you the ability control of how light or how dark of a tan you would like.
DD:  Sun Sauce also firms as well as tans, how does that work?
CM: Sun Sauce is an innovator when it comes to sunless tanning products. Dale Hansen the creator of Sun Sauce has the ability to think outside of the box when it comes sunless skin care. Tanning, Skin Firming and Anti-Aging
The science behind the Sun Sauce sunless tanning experience is DHA. DHA is a natural component derived from fruit sugar that reacts with your body’s chemistry to deliver a wonderful bronze tone. The skin firming and anti- aging is from the vitamins, Shea butter and essential oils. Essential oils come from plants they are naturally great for the skin and have also been shown to possess antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. Hemp seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Monoi oil and Jojoba oil replenishes and tightens the skin. Chamomile, Ginseng and Comfrey extracts reduce inflammation, soothe and smooth the skin.

 Terry Milk commented: It SMELLS wonderful (even reminded me of cookie dough, so it must have vanilla). No unpleasant chemical odor, even later in the day when it had fully developed.