Glamorous hair how-tos from the SAG Awards

Dianna Argon’s French Braid Award season is the time to see Hollywood at its most glamorous.

 Here are some of the best hair looks to copy at home straight from the red carpet of the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards.  Here are a few styles to try now: 

Dianna Argon’s French Braid:  Make a deep side part, divide the hair into three sections and braid tightly to your head. Keep braiding around your head. Finish braiding all the hair, secure with Goody ColourCollection Bobby Pins.  

Tip: This style works best on medium length hair. Gently comb hair free of tangles before beginning and spray it lightly with water.
Kelly OsKelly Osborne’s spiced-up ponytailborne’s spiced-up ponytail:
Pull hair back into a high ponytail and leave out your bangs (if you have them). Fasten with Goody’s new Simple Style Fountain Flip (available March 2012). It gives you a voluminous style in just three easy steps. Smooth with göt2b rockin’ it encore hold gel to achieve a clean and secure look. Curl bangs with a spiral curling iron and spray to hold.
Goody’s new Simple Style Fountain Flip:
This great gadget secures and lifts a ponytail at the same time by combining a comb and coated elastic.
Lea Michele’s classic wavesLea Michele’s classic waves:
Massage göt2b POWDER’ful volumizing styling powder into the roots of your hair for volume in 10 seconds flat. Next, blow dry around a Solano Plasmium Gel Grip Round Brush to create big waves with its ceramic barrel.
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