Gossip, addiction, and growing up

Spin by Catherine McKenzie is a wry look at the all-too-common dilemma of waking up and finding out that all your friends have grown up and left you behind.
At 30, Kate Sanford still lives like a grad student and parties like a rock star. She wants to be a writer and ekes out a living reviewing local bands for small magazines. When she gets a crack at her dream job, she blows it by showing up drunk from the night before.
Kate gets a second chance, but has to go undercover at a top rehab facility to get the story that will get her the job she wants.
Kate has to grow up when she is thrown into rehab and the world of tabloid journalism. She is force to choose between betraying her own ideals or standing up for herself and risking her "dream job".
Kate finds out that nothing is as simple as it seems in the sober light of day.