Tami Roman on weight loss

Tami RomanIf you are making excuses for holding onto bad habits such as smoking, look at Tami Roman. The former reality star and “Basketball Wife” quit smoking, didn’t exercise regularly, and gained a lot of weight.
Now, Tami is a spokesperson for NV Clinical, a healthful weight loss supplement. She has lost 35 pounds with diet and exercise. She is also starring in the original comedy series Belle’s premiering on TV One
Tami is no stranger to dieting. “I‘ve tried to lose weight so many times,” she said, “but I always gave up easily because the first two weeks are the hardest.”
In our interview below Tami shared her weight loss tips and told us all about her new show Belle’s.
DD: Tell us about your new show Belle’s? Has it been difficult to transition from the reality show, Basketball Wives to a scripted comedy?
TR: Belle's is a scripted half-hour comedy that stars Keith David, Ella Joyce, Elise Neal, Miguel Nunez Jr. and me, as Loretta. It's about an affluent family in Atlanta who own a soul food restaurant and the crazy antics that goes on within the establishment. Loreta is the feisty sister and Atlanta socialite who keeps the place hot and jumping in the A. It was actually harder to transition back to reality TV. I have been doing scripted for the past fourteen years and vowed to never do reality again, so that I could be respected in the craft. Although, when hardship hit my family, I returned and the rest is history.
DD: It has been reported that you have lost six dress sizes. What caused you to gain so much weight and why was it so hard for you to lose it? Did you have weight issues before?
TR: I battle with my weight constantly and it's not an easy fight because I LOVE food. I gained a great deal of weight after last season because I was greatly depressed and saddened by the feedback I received from the show. The things being said weren't necessarily true and I was on the receiving end of a great deal of scrutiny, which took a toll on my psyche. I became a recluse for two months and before I knew it, I was well over 190 lbs. I woke up one day and decided I wasn't going under due to false claims or perceptions. I picked myself up, made changes and decided to put forth a better Tami. I use NV Clinical to help me with my appetite and it has a complex that helps with reshaping your body with proper diet and activity. The first two weeks are always the hardest when someone is trying to lose weight, but with NV, I lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks and it keeps me motivated!
DD: What are your fashion must-haves for everyday?
TR: Jeans and a nice handbag.
DD: What is your favourite “red carpet look”?
TR: Little black dress. It's classic and you can't really go wrong.
Tami  RomanDD: What is the secret of your fitness routine?
TR: I am incorporating working out into my life, and it's a work in progress. I have found that 15 minutes daily, full incline on the treadmill, keeps me focused and feeling like I'm doing something daily. Plus it equals out to 30min/3times a week 🙂
DD: What are your favourite beauty must-haves?
TR: Lip gloss, olive colored eyeliner (brings out my eyes) and pocket tweezers to keep my brows on point.
DD: Share three of best weight loss tips in addition to NV?
TR: Eat a salad and drink a full glass of water before you eat your full meal, when eating out, eat only appetizer portions and don't eat full meals after 7 pm.
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