Lush lashes and bountiful brows!

If your lashes are skimpy or your brows are non-existent, you probably have tried everything from mascara and pencils to get a lusher look. But mascara can get heavy looking, and brow makeup is tricky to apply. Prescription lash serums are effective, but they are not for everyone as there can be side effects.
neuLASH lash and neuBROW are new lash enhancing serums that claim to restore healthy lashes and brows in 30 days. The company reports that, according to their studies, “80 percent of those who used the products experienced healthier looking lashes and brows; 76 percent felt their lashes and brows were more conditioned. They also reported that 80 percent felt it improved their overall lash and brow health.
 neuLASH offers an effective combination of amino acids, botanicals and other ingredients that have been shown to improve eyelash and eyebrow growth when used regularly.
neuLASH has its own unique, luxurious formula and elegant packaging. I saw an improvement in my own skimpy brows after only two weeks of using neuBROW. My brows became are now silkier, darker, and thicker.
neuBROW is not at all irritating to my skin unlike similar products that I have tried. This is an excellent option to try of lash and brow serums have irritated your skin.
Both cost $100 for a 3-month supply.
Also at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodmans