Spiked cocoa

makersRecently, Maker’s Mark invited me to a virtual tasting event. It was an “Ugly Holiday Sweater” party. I have never gone in for holiday sweaters – ugly or not – but the idea sounded like fun.  The virtual tasting was full of entertaining ideas, great cocktail recipes (featuring Maker’s Mark Bourbon of course), and creative suggestions for making your own ugly holiday sweater. It was definitely an amusing hour. 

I can’t see my friends spending an afternoon crafting while sipping cocktails and nibbling canapés, but making ugly sweaters is a fun idea if you have house full of kids to amuse. Gather a big box of festive trim, needles, thread, glue and glitter and ask everyone to bring an old sweater. But adults, especially if they have been out in the cold, will love the hot cocoa recipe that celebrity bartender Pam Wiznitzer shared.  

Maker’s Mark spiked cocoa

 6 ounces Hot Cocoa (your favourite brand or recipe)

1½ ounces of Makers Mark bourbon

½ ounce of Combier Orange Liqueur



Top with softly-whipped cream or marshmallows and add edible glitter. Edible glitter is available from baking supply stores.