Fairy tales

Darlings, fairy tales do come true, but don’t sit around waiting for your prince to make yours happen. Grace Kelly got away from her unsupportive family. She became an actress, but even then her family told her she would fail. She didn’t. Before she married her prince, she won an Academy Award. Kate Middleton was a tennis champ, captain of her school team, and she got herself accepted and through the University of St Andrews –a prestigious and tough school. These princesses had a lot going for them long before they married their princes. That, my darlings, is the secret to fairytale endings. You have to make them happen yourself. Have a sweet week my darlings, and get work on making your own fairytale dreams come true!

Alyse NelsonOn another note, recently Alyse Nelson, president and CEO of Vital Vocies for Global Partnership, delivered speech at the 2011 POW awards "Honouring Purposeful Women" in Atlanta. Vital Voice’s mission is to: “identify, invest in and bring visibility to extraordinary women around the world by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities”.  To find out more about  Vital Voices Global Partnership and the POW Awards go tohttp://www.womenetics.com/events/details/25-pow-awards-2011
And Happy Mother’s Day darlings, have a sweet week and enjoy the day!
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Gracey Hitchcock
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