What if you could start over as someone else?

In her quirky novel, Why Can’t I Be You: A Novel, Allie Larkin plays with the possibility of stepping into an alternate life to discover true passion. 
Jenny Shaw heads to a work conference in Seattle a defeated woman. On the way to the airport, her fiancé dumped her for another woman. Suddenly, with a single blow, all of Jenny’s plans and sacrifices are meaningless. In addition, her so-called best friend is being snippy because she is jealous that Jenny was given the conference trip. And, as Jenny gets off the plane in Seattle her needy alcoholic mother begins calling with demands and complaints that just won’t stop.
So, when Jenny is mistaken for a woman called Jessie, she really can’t resist the chance to try one smokeless life. For a few days Jenny becomes Jessie at Jessie’s high school reunion.
It is a crazy premise that someone could impersonate a stranger with oldest friends no less, but Larkin pulls it off.
This unlikely tale is endearing and will resonate with anyone who has longed for a “do-over” or felt like misfit.