Chatting with Alexandra Dilworth of Bravo’s The Real Atlanta


Alexandra Dilworth

Alexandra Dilworth

Alexandra Dilworth is cast member of The Real Atlanta, which follows a group of passionate entrepreneurs and performers as they try to make it big. Alexandra is an outspoken, rich Daddy’s girl in this crowd of hard-working professionals. From the first episode, she stirred the pot and caused controversy by declaring her goal was to be a “trophy wife,” as she attempted to dominate the other women. 

We caught up with Alexandra and she agreed to share some of her style tips as well as her impressions after a season on a reality show. Here is what she had to say: 

DD: What was most stressful and what was fun?

AD: The most stressful is probably seeing the social media after each airing. People can just be so mean for no reason. I don’t let it get to me, but sometimes I just feel bad for my friends and family who read some of the comments because they know me well and it makes them angry. The most fun part is all of the people I’ve met because of the show. I’m a very social person so I really enjoy all of the new and different perspectives I meet. 

DD: What are three of your fashion must-haves for every day?

AD: Yes. Big earrings, bright colored lipstick, and an awesome pair of shoes. 
What are three of your fashion must-haves for red carpet occasions?

AD: The perfect set of heels, a cute clutch, and a dress that will make a statement! 
Please define “trophy wife” and explain why you aspire to be one?

AD: A trophy wife is a dedicated housewife who is there for her husband and children. She is a homemaker, a philanthropist, she has many hobbies, and she takes care of all of the family’s social affairs. She is not just a pretty woman who sits on her behind every day; she is a well-rounded woman who is adored for her dedication and hard work to the family. I aspire to be a trophy wife because my mother was one and I do believe in traditional family settings. Being a housewife is hard work and I’m tired of it being looked down upon. I want to change the meaning and negative connotation of the phrase Trophy Wife