Banish breakouts!

Every week I get questions about adult acne. It is on the rise. The causes range from hormones to stress. Acne can be a nightmare as it often flares before important events and many acne treatments are too harsh for sensitive or mature skin.
That is why we were thrilled to learn that ENVY Medical has a new line to treat acne. We love everything EVNY makes because it works! ClarityMD is an acne solution that contains salicylic acid and Bakuchiol in an effective treatment that clears skin quickly and leaves it soft.
Bakuchiol is interesting. It is plant used in Chinese and Indian medicine that helps to reduce inflammation and it is a serious anti-microbial.  According to ENVY, “Bakuchiol is a revolutionary multifunctional ingredient that has retinoid-like properties. ClarityMD is the first and only acne treatment to feature fully solubilized Bakuchiol for better penetration into pores to yield faster clinical results.” You can read more about studies on Bakuchiol here: 
ClarityMD clears acne in days not weeks, according to ENVY, without drying, scaling, hyperpigmentation, or redness.  Salicylic acid is a proven acne fighter as well as an effective anti-aging ingredient (I look for it my cleansers).
I love the cleanser; it feels clean and is non-drying. We also tested the gel on a variety of breakouts and it worked quickly. Clarity MD is for anyone looking for an effective non-drying, non-prescription approach to breakouts.
The cleanser and gel are available from doctors and online