Get a super model glow!

Victoria’s Secret Pro Artist Colleen Runne helps Victoria’s Secret supermodels including Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Candice Swanepoel get ready carpet-ready. Now Colleen shares her tips. Here is how to get a super model glow for summer using the new VS Body-Beach Sexy Collection.

Here are Colleen’s tips:
Get the perfect shimmering sunless tan anytime with the Adjustable Self-Tan Lotion with Shimmer. The adjustable formula allows you to customize your color, from subtly sun-kissed to deep bronze, all with the twist of a dial.
DolceDolce note: We tried the Adjustable Self-Tan Lotion with Shimmer. It is easy to apply evenly because of the tint, and the shimmer is very pretty and sexy looking.
Build your perfect golden tan within hours with the Flawless Airbrush Instant Body Spray. It’s guaranteed to give you a streakless enhanced effect for the ultimate air-brushed finish and instant glow!
Highlight the sun-kissed color on your legs, arms, chest, and stomach with the Instant Self-Tan Lotion with Tint. This gives skin an immediate golden glow and develops into a lasting tan within hours.
Accent the high points of the face — cheek bones, top of forehead, tip of nose and chin — as well as the cleavage and legs with the Sun Dust Shimmer Body Powder. Apply this daily to add an all-over sexy, luminous glow in one quick sweep.