Get the “red carpet glow”

Hollywoods's red carpet that has no down-time

Hollywoods’s red carpet that has no down-time

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If you ever wondered how stars always manage to look so glowing and flawless on the red carpet and up-close on talk shows, it is by putting their skin in the hands of experts who know how to undo the damage that happens to all skin, no matter how carefully it is treated


The Lumixyl® Brightening Facial is a popular treatment that stars use at big events. It is so popular because it removes discolouration, small flaws, and hydrates, but without downtime.


The Lumixyl Brightening Facial can only be performed with the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion® device that combines diamond-assisted Advanced Dermalinfusion Technology with the revolutionary Lumixyl peptide. Lumixyl is one of my favourite treatments for hyperpigmentation and the skin care is not only remarkably effective but it feels and smells luxurious.


According to the company, this facial “is one of the most wanted treatments at such destination spas like The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. It’s also the treatment that the Olsen Twins and Katie Couric swear by. Since the facial won’t cause a reaction but delivers quick results, stars can go in for the facial and be camera-ready immediately.”

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion® device that combines diamond-assisted Advanced Dermalinfusion Technology --makes you low

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion® device that combines diamond-assisted Advanced Dermalinfusion Technology –makes you low


“SilkPeel clients see an instant brightening and hydrating effect with no downtime,” says Curtis Cluff, CEO of Envy Medical. “They leave with their skin feeling fresh and healthy. Celeb clientele like to have SilkPeel along with other anti-aging procedures such as lasers and light treatments for even better results.”


Infusion solutions are delivered to skin under address acne, dryness, dull skin, aging, and pigmentation.


Even though I take really good care of my skin, the summer just beats it up. The combination of heavy sun block, sun, dryness from air conditioning, allergens, and pollution all add up to “skin-exhaustion”. By mid-summer I need a boost. I love summer and I want a “glow”.


When I was offered a chance to try SilkPeel I was excited. I had tried microbrasion a few times over the years at very good doctor’s offices and the treatment always had to be stopped. Even the most delicate machines cut my fair skin. But I was so impressed with Lumixyl I decided to try it, and it was worth it. I followed the directions I found on line at my provider’s office Hamilton Dermatology. I arrived and met Allene Bagwell, Dr. Tiffani Hamilton’s esthetician, where she provides over a state-of-the-art med spa. Allene explained the treatment in detail. She also answered all of my questions. I relaxed; confident I was in skilled hands. Allene told me I might be a little red the next day but nothing a little makeup wouldn’t cover.


The treatment took an hour and included my chest. It very relaxing with none of the nasty stinging of microbrassion, even the few extractions Allene added to the treatment didn’t hurt. The serums she used were designed to hydrate, plump, and brighten my skin.

As she showed me the results, she mentioned that the effects would be most noticeable the week or so right after the treatment, but the benefits would last longer. My skin looked very smooth and just as she promised a day later: I had my glow.


It is clear why celebrities love the SlikPeel. It is a supercharged facial. Skin is smoother, softer, and more receptive to treatments. The treatment gave my skin a moist, dewy look, little imperfections vanished and my pores looked almost inviable the next day. I loved it.


The peel I had at Hamilton Dermatology was luxurious. Allene Bagwell, Esthetician is a licensed esthetician with a B.A. and M.A. in health care. That may not seem important but she was really able to maximize the treatment’s effectiveness by blending the serums for my skin’s exact needs. Allene has a wonderful “touch” and her massage is blissful. I appreciated that she injected a little acne cyst so it just disappeared that same night. Allene explained that injection would have been included in most treatments. (In Atlanta, the cost of a steroid injection to shrink an acne cyst – not to mention the trouble to schedule — it would more than cover the treatment.) It is always worth finding a doctor or office that offers “celebrity-level” pampering as you will often pay just as much for a very basic experience.


The average cost of a Lumixyl SilkPeel Facial is the same the cost of a mid-range facial at luxury spa, about $200. Choose your provider carefully to get the best results. Ask questions, read reviews, from trusted sources, and talk to and view the office if you have never been there before.





Swipe away acne

abc1 (2).jpgDisposable pads are the newest innovation in skin care. There are pads for anti-aging and now there are with advanced acne treatments.  We love the idea. It’s a quick, clean, and effective way to take care of your skin. ClarityMD Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads are formulated with two percent salicylic acid in a skin-soothing aloe base that is 100% alcohol free. The pads can be used as a complement to the ClarityMD Acne Solution, or on their on their own. 

Read our review of ClarityMD Acne Solution here: 

DolceDolce tip: Buy an extra jar of pads for your desk or workout bag, and use them for a quick clean-up. You can take a quick swipe at breakout-prone areas such as the chin, cheeks, back, or buttocks, and stop problems before they start! Remember, perspiration is a major cause of breakouts if you can’t shower. Always clean sweaty areas of your body with wipe. Friction from phones and hands can also cause breakouts, so keep your hands off your face and clean your phone! 

ClarityMD Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads retail for $25



Brighten up

Rid your skin of that dull winter pallor with Repêchage Hydra Refine One-Minute Clarifying Mask . If your skin is looks dull, or if you have clogged and enlarged-looking pores, try applying Repêchage Hydra Refine One-Minute Clarifying Mask once or twice a week for smoother, brighter skin.
This creamy clay mask deep cleans and exfoliates without drying your skin. The secret is the little exfoliating spheres of rice bran combined with lactic and kojic acid along with soothing Laminaria Saccharina Seaweed.
It also contains botanical extracts to hydrate as well as fight blemishes. Its anti-oxidants calm and reduce redness, and leave skin smooth and luminous. The mask also smells divine and gives you an excuse to close your eyes and relax for a minute or two.
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Banish break outs

The “Magic Wand” is a hand-held blue light device from Klima Health Solutions. It treats acne blemishes with a combination of deep heat and a specific wave length blue light. 

According to the manufacturers you will see “visible blemish clearing in one hour.” They also claim that “within 24 hours, the Magic Wand eliminates or significantly reduces 90 percent of blemishes. Even for stubborn acne, the magic wand will shorten the healing time by more than half.”

I tried TMW and I like it. I have tried other devices that claim to banish blemishes by using only heat or light. I found the combination of heat and light supplied by TMW worked best. I did use TMW frequently during the night to get results, but it did not irritate my skin. As a past acne sufferer, I have tried almost everything to clear blemishes. Of all the blemish banishing devices TMW is the best the best one I have tried.
This is a great investment if you suffer an occasional pimple or two. I doubt it would work effectively on deep cystic pimples. For this type of severe acne, you should consult an acne specialist.
The device costs $99.
The manufacturer says it will last about10 years. It operates on ordinary small batteries, and you never need to replace the tip, unlike other devices.

Stress relief

The trouble with most products that treat break-outs is that they over-dry delicate, already-stressed skin. Avène Cleanance Mask helps oily skin look fresh and clear without over-drying it. It contains Avène thermal spring water to soothe skin, botanicals to help regulate skin, zinc to purify, salicylic acid to exfoliate, and kaolin clay to absorb oil and impurities.

This gentle but effective mask is perfect to control breakouts and refine the appearance of oily or normal skin with enlarged pores. It acts as a scrub and a mask, combined for instant radiance. Avène Cleanance Mask is a refreshing and relaxing part of a weekly beauty regime.
Better pharmacies in Canada and dermatologists everywhere.

Vanquish Acne

Acne plagues women of all ages. It is soul-destroying to have your face break out before an occasion or a big business meeting. And it doesn’t help that acne is one of the hardest diseases treat. What’s a blemished beauty to do?

Top dermatologist Alex Khadavi has an answer – Clearogen. Acne is hormonal. It begins when dihydro-testosterone or DHT runs amok and causes the sebaceous glands to become overactive. The result is unsightly, and often painful breakouts. Too many popular acne treatments leave women with over-dried and irritated skin. And worse it still breaks out.
Clearogen has ingredient to disrupt DHT naturally. Using a combination of proven acne fighters such as benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid with added botanicals and antioxidants, Clearogen’s three-product regime fights acne, but leaves skin soft and pretty.
The Clearogen system works because it treats the cause and symptoms of acne with a patented time-release formula.
The regime has a cleanser, toner and acne lotion for $69.
According to Clearogen, it has a 95 percent success rate in clinical studies. Results are seen in 30 days, and major improvements in six weeks.
Don’t suffer with this disease. Acne that does not respond to over the counter treatments should be seen by a doctor – they can help.

Get the most from a facial

Kara BrannonTaking care of your skin is important. Treating yourself to a facial can yield benefits for months, especially if you follow up with a good regime at home. If you are looking for a bargain, do not be tempted to go to a chain for your skin or massage. In my opinion, they are never good value. Stick to small independent local operators to get the best value for money. Kara Brannon of KB Skincare operates a small boutique here in Atlanta. If you have ever wondered about the difference between an enzyme facial or a glycolic facial, or how to be sure you have chosen a good esthetician, then don’t miss a word of this exclusive interview.
DD: Who can benefit from a facial?
KB: Everyone, even if they only occasionally treat themselves to it.  At the very least, a facial can provide a much-needed relaxing escape from life.  At best, a facial can leave you cleansed and exfoliated with radiant skin.
A good facial must include some form of exfoliation, whether manual or chemical.  All of our skin has a cell turnover rate that can be increased or manipulated through exfoliation.  It is through exfoliation that pores become unclogged, new skin emerges, and skin appears healthier and glowing. Even if there is minimal exfoliation, the experience of a facial should be relaxing and a time for one to take time out from their hectic life.

DD: What is the difference between a glycolic facial and an enzyme facial?
KB: The difference lies primarily between the components of each. Glycolic acid is found in sugar cane and is a member of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid group.  Fruit enzyme peels may contain AHA acids but are also composed of antioxidants and vitamins along with an enzyme which increases the chemical reaction taking place.

Both are effective in smoothing rough dry skin, improving the skin’s texture from sun damage, and treating acne.  They both come in various strengths (percentages) based on the desired effect and condition of the treated skin.

DD: What types of fruit enzymes are used in facials and what are the benefits?
KB: There are many different enzymes used in facials.  Many enzymes are derived from various fruits. Similar to the benefits fruits have when they are eaten, they benefit our skin in the same way when applied topically. Some fruit enzymes contain a high level of antioxidants in them. For example, the blueberry.  When used on the face, the antioxidants can prevent free radicals from entering the skin.  The grape has long been associated with reversing the age process and keeping skin look young.

DD: What is a back facial?
KB:A back facial is essentially the same as a regular facial. It is often an area of the skin that is problem-prone, but neglected due to its limited accessibility.  Often backs can have a problem with clogged pores due to sweating during exercise. And there can be a lot of sun damage on the back, too.

Treatment of the back includes steaming, hot towels, analysis, a form of exfoliation, extraction, and a massage. Based on the products or type of exfoliation used, this area can improve and become more balanced.  I suggested the client purchase a body wash containing an acid for exfoliation between treatments, and a tool that can effectively reach and cleanse the back area.

DD:  How soon before a special event should you book a facial?
KB: The truth is that is depends solely on the type facial performed.  A basic facial with manual exfoliation and extraction can be done the day before an event, whereas peels can take days or weeks to bring the skin to its optimal condition.

I usually book clients three days before their event to allow plenty of time for any redness or pimples to subside.

DD:  What skin conditions can facials improve?
KB: Facials can solve or help a variety of skin problems.  Facials aid drastically in the treatment of mild to moderate acne.  Through chemicals and extractions, acne skin can be balanced and the pores can be unclogged.  Facials also aid in the removal of blackheads and millia (small closed white-headed bumps) through the softening of the skin and careful extraction.

Facials that include peels can help soften fine lines, reduce age spots and the appearance of sun damage.  They can also radically change the texture of the skin. People with severe acne should consult a dermatologist before getting a facial. Once the acne is treated by a doctor, regular facials can help keep the pores unclogged. People who have rosecea can also benefit from facials as long as the esthetician is knowledgeable about which products and peels are appropriate for this type of skin.  Proper treatment can help top calm redness.
DD: How do you know if you are getting a good facial with a qualified professional?
KB:  There are several signs that can indicate a bad facial. You may even spot signs before the treatment starts. Make sure the environment is clean and the instruments used in the facial are not lying out, but in alcohol or some other sanitary container.  Always ask to see the esthetician’s license if it is not displayed.  It is also useful to ask the esthetician how many hours in school it took him/her to become licensed. The state of
Georgia requires a minimum of 1,000 hours whereas neighboring states only require 200 hours. Yikes!
Other signs may not be clear until the facial is underway or afterwards. For example, if there is pain during the facial, speak up. Certain peels may cause a degree of discomfort , but the esthetician should warn you.  The same can be said for extractions.  Pain could also be a sign of an allergy to the products being used. Also, post-facial, there should not be any new broken capillaries. If this occurs, the extraction method was not done properly. Finally, if you were not told there would be any down time after the facial and you are red the next day, you should contact the esthetician as soon as possible.

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Why my dermatologist is my new BFF

According to Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Darlings, there are few greater fans than me of Anita Loos, who penned that priceless piece of American lore —  or Marilyn Monroe, who made it her anthem. However, I propose that one of a girl’s best friends may be her dermatologist.

And if you are lucky enough have normal or even flawless skin you may think you can skip this item. Don’t. Eventually, we all need a dermatologist and maybe even a plastic surgeon. No darlings, this isn’t the beauty junkie speaking. After 40, you will want a skin check for dangerous moles and such. A  good doctor canbe your ticket to good skin
I also suggest you seek an out an expert for acne at any age. I have had acne for most of my life. As a result of fabulous doctors, I have no scars, physically or otherwise. Curing acne is a nightmare. It’s tricky. If you have an acne clinic near you go there. They are experts. Or, find a derm who really knows acne.
My most successful acne treatment was ClearLight. It was done at the Toronto Acne Clinic by Dr. Kevin Sliwowicz. It cleared most of my acne permanently. I now have only the occasional flare-up. ClearLight uses a type of blue light that kills acne bacteria without burning or irritating the skin. As you lie there for 20 minutes at a time, you feel nothing. This treatment has also worked for several of my acne-plagued friends.
My Atlanta dermatologist, Dr. Cynthia Abbott, has had good luck treating adult acne with Isolaz. It is a new FDA approved “photo pneumatic” device which combines light and suction. The light kills the acne bacteria and the vacuum cleans your pores. It is a wonder, as it clears stubborn cystic acne and rejuvenates skin at the same time. It requires no recovery time and has worked like a charm for many. Insurance won’t pay for it. I think we need to protest as they do pay for drugs that cost as much and have no better guarantee of working. It is effective in about 85 percent of cases. The Clearlight treatment that worked for me is effective in about 70 percent of cases. If you have acne, those are great odds, especially for treatments with no side effects.
Isolaz is expensive. Some of the celebrity beauty makers who offer it are charging up to $500 a session and the average acne patient needs at least four sessions. Dr. Abbott, who is committed to clear skin, charges $200 for the first treatment and $150 for follow-up sessions. Clearlight at the Toronto Acne Clinic costs between $420 and $875. The higher price is for more treatments and includes medical microbrasion. Dr. Cynthia Abbott
Large acne cysts that linger, hurt, and may scar can be also is injected with kenalog, a type of cortisone. They will then shrink almost overnight. If cysts plague you, find a derm office or clinic that gets you in fast for a quick injection. You need to see your doctor quickly.
Dermatologist can also help with pesky skin issues that don’t respond to over-the-counter lotions and potions. Stubborn brown patches called age spots may need stronger medicine. Those same brown patches can be caused by pregnancy and the birth control pills.
Your doctor can prescribe Tri-luma, a pricey cream that can fade discoloration. It contains fluocinoline, a steroid, tretinion or retin A, and hydroquinone. This potent and sometimes irritating mixture of medicines has been shown to be significantly more effective at fading discoloration than any one of these ingredients alone. A derm can also zap brown spots and broken capillaries with Intense Pulsed Light treatments. Some dermatologists can tighten up saggy faces and erase crow’s feet with the new Fraxel lasers. Fraxel lasers only treat about 20 percent of the skin at a time so there is little redness, but dramatic results are possible with several treatments. They also stimulate new collagen deep down in the epidermis. The cost can be $4,000 to take 10 years off your face, but it is cheaper and less traumatic than surgery. Many dermatologists are also artists with Botox and fillers.
The right doctor will work with you, help you, and find a solution you can afford.
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