Conceal cold sores safely

According to a new survey by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, the makers of Abreva Conceal, a new cold sore treatment, cold sores are so unpleasant that two-thirds of women surveyed said they would not wish a cold sore on their worst enemy.
Not surprisingly, the survey found that the vast majority of women felt self-conscious, unattractive, and embarrassed with a cold sore. In addition among the women surveyed, 71 percent avoided being intimate with their partner when afflicted, 34 percent of women who have cold sores said that their partner avoided being intimate with them, and 23 percent of all of the women surveyed had cancelled or rescheduled a date because of a cold sore.
There are good reasons to avoid kissing and other contact during an outbreak as the virus that causes cold sores or herpes is highly contagious. So it makes sense to heal the sores as soon as possible for many reasons. But there is no reason to feel like a marked woman.
GlaxoSmithKline recently introduced Abreva Conceal. It is described as “a non-medicated, clear patch that covers cold sores, allowing makeup to be applied safely. It uses “MicroAir technology which creates a protective barrier that allows air in while keeping harmful contaminants out.” This allows cold sore suffers to conceal their cold sores without aggravating them. What a great idea!
For tips on concealing cold sores from Carmindy of TLC’s What Not to Wear:"  
If you suffer from recurrent cold sores see a doctor. Cold sores are contagious, but there are effective treatments to prevent and control outbreaks.
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