Peel your skin problems away


When it comes to fighting the battle scars of age, leave it to a dermatologist to come up with a sure-fire, no-nonsense approach.  I am very impressed with AB skincare by Dr. Craig Austin of New York. Dr. Austin is an experienced dermatologist and dermatopathologist.
I started having glycolic peels in my 30s. I was lucky enough to have doctors who thought it was unnecessary to subject normal skin to harsh, burning chemical peels. (Those who need to remove scars may need more extreme treatments.) My doctors believed that frequent gentler peels could be effective and result in softer, prettier, less-traumatized skin. The philosophy has served me well. My skin is firm, youthful, and relatively unmarked.
The AB Skincare line is simplicity itself. The basis of the line is a 10 percent-strength glycolic facial pads. There are also 15 and 20 percent glycolic acid pads for hands and feet, as well as acne treatment pads that combine glycolic acid with salicylic acid.
According to Dr. Austin, the daily use of the pads is the equivalent of an in-office peel. The treatment helps reduce fine lines and hyper-pigmentation, and stimulate collagen production. I love the pads; I find them the perfect way to keep my skin fresh between treatments with my own derm or cosmetic acupuncturist. It’s also economical. Many ineffective peels cost almost as much, and many peel products sold over the Internet are plain unsafe.
Dr. Austin’s AB Skincare glycolic pad regime gives results that are identical or superior to the light or “lunch time” peels offered in many doctors’ offices and salons.  
The line also has a great eye cream. AB eye has all the right stuff: anti-oxidants, Vitamins A, C and E, green tea extract, and CO-Q 10. It has a super luxe feel due to its high hyaluronic acid content. It hydrates instantly; you can even use it to plump your lips. Austin is one skin doctor who did not miss a trick.
If you are looking for an economical way to try glycolic peels – or gave them up because of the expense – this line is for you. Currently there is a 10 percent holiday discount on all products.
Tip: Never toss a pad without getting the good from it. After you finish wiping your face, use the pad to wipe your décolleté and the back of the hands. Also don’t forget to use sun block; you will be extra sun-sensitive after any exfoliation treatment.