A real acne solution from Dr. Terry Dubrow

 The Acne Cure: The Nonprescription Plan that Shows Dramatic Results in as Little as 24 Hours by Terry J. Dubrow M.D. and Brenda Adderly M.H.A.
Dr. Terry Dubrow is a well-known plastic surgeon, the doctor on the transformative TV show, The Swan. He has also has appeared on many other TV shows as an expert in cosmetic surgery. He is also the husband of actress Heather Dubrow, the newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Dr. Dubrow is also the Director of The Acne Clinic of Newport Beach.
I am impressed with Dr. Dubrow’s book and approach to treating acne. As a former acne sufferer and beauty editor, I know all about this devastating problem. I had acne cysts for years. They were so painful that I travelled with the phone numbers of acne doctors, so I could call if I felt one coming up. I would leave a message in the middle of night so I could get an injection first thing in the morning to stop the cyst before it appeared on my face. I was terrorized by monster eruptions that lasted weeks, hurt like hell, and could scar me for life. I suffered cystic acne from age 13 to 48.
People are always surprised to hear this as my skin has always looked good and I have no scars. But, I was on acne control with professional help 24/7 for years. So needless to say, I have a few opinions about acne treatments. Dr. Dubrow’s book does one of the best jobs of explaining acne and the causes of acne that I have ever read. His plan is clear, affordable, and proven effective for most people. And he is very clear about what to do when it doesn’t work. Dr. Dubrow makes great recommendations, if you have harder to treat acne.
Anyone who suffers with acne or who has a child afflicted with acne should read this book. It offers an affordable treatment plan based on science and experience.
Dr. Dubrow agreed to answer a few of our questions about acne. Here is what he had to say:
DD: Why did you write this book?
Dr. D.: I wrote the Acne Cure because there is an inexpensive way to treat acne that targets the causes of acne rather than targeting the pocketbooks of acne sufferers.
DD: Why do so many more adult women seem to have acne these days?
Dr. D.: Hormonal changes in women these days have increased the occurrence of acne mostly due to the increase in hormones of processed foods and meat.
DD: What causes acne and why is so hard to cure?
Dr. D.: Acne has four basic causes, including the Acne Bacterium, inflammation, plugged hair follicles (where acne starts), and oil production. Everyone has a different contribution from each one of these causes and that's why no one single product fixes your acne.
DD: Does diet play a role in controlling acne?
Dr. D.:  Despite theories and wives tales to the contrary, diet plays no role in the cause or treatment of acne.
DD: Does stress make acne worse or bring on breakouts?
DR. D.: Stress may play a minor role but really only in a limited way.
DD: How is cystic acne different from rosacea? Do you treat it differently?
Dr. D.: Cystic acne is a difficult-to-treat severe subtype of acne that is due primarily to excess oil production. Rosacea, although sometimes associated with acne breakouts, is a disease of the blood vessels of the skin causing redness in the central part of the face. They are treated very differently.
DD: How do hormones affect acne? Can the pill be used to control acne in younger women?
Dr. D.: Because hormones may play a strong role in the development of acne, birth control pills can in some selected women be an effective means of controlling acne.
DD: What is the best way to treat an emergency breakout, the kind that always happens before a special event? Is there any way to make pimples disappear quickly?
Dr. D.: Best way to treat an emergency breakout is to reduce the inflammation that causes the spread of acne using ice therapy placed directly on the breakout along with a 5% benzoyl peroxide spot treatment to kill the bacteria that causes acne.