A beautiful inspiration

Have you heard of Elizabeth Grant? She single-handedly built a beauty empire to rival any. You may have seen her on the various shopping channels. She is in her eighties, but she remains one of the best advertisements for her own products — and she still appears regularly to sell them.

Now you can read her amazing story: Elizabeth Grant: My Life Story, A Memoir By Marion Suzanne Witz and Carol Krenz. I couldn’t put it down. This is not a book just for beauty junkies, but for any woman entrepreneur, or anyone who has faced adversity.
Elizabeth Grant was born into a comfortable upper middle-class home in London in the early 1900s. Her parents doted on her and her sister. Life was lovely until her father died. She was then thrown into a harsh Dickensian childhood. She was beaten and often hungry, yet she never felt sorry for herself. She went to work at 13 and thrived.
Eventually, Elizabeth became a theatrical make-up artist working in the British film industry. She made up famous movie stars such as Vivien Leigh. She also modeled and enjoyed the life of a busy young women in prewar England. She was an attractive young woman when World War One broke out. London was targeted with a hail of nightly bombs during the dreaded blitz. Grant was horribly scarred in an explosion that also left her deaf in one ear.
This accident also led to her greatest accomplishment, Elizabeth Grant Cosmetics. The company grew from her discovery of Torricelumn, a regenerative marine compound, which she discovered in her quest to heal own scarred face.
It was just the beginning of an amazing story that took her to South Africa and finally Canada. Along the way Elizabeth married, had children, and built her beauty empire. This book is on my must-read list. Put it on yours too.