A revolutionary woman!

 A Marked Man: An Abigail Adams Mystery by Barbara Hamilton will delight those who love a historical mystery with a smart, strong female detective. Anyone who watched the popular HBO series John Adams, or grew up in New England, should know that Abigail Adams was a smart and funny lady. Her husband was mad about her! Those who paint a dull and dreary picture of our forefathers have not studied their history. John and Abigail had a hot romance all of their lives. He relied on her wise council, too. It’s all recorded in letters and diaries.

In this mystery John Adams, the New England lawyer, works to clear his client who is falsely accused of murder. There are romantic and police implications to the case. Abigail gets involved in the investigation and things heat up against a simmering revolutionary background. This is a smart, sassy historical that will appeal to both history buffs and romantics.